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  • @show_me_the_tea

    Emma is a working machine. She never rests, it’s rare of you to see her offline on discord. She will edit all day and night, no matter how exhausted she is. I am proud to say that Emma is my manager.

    “Emma is a huge crackhead at heart,” as Kasha said and I agree. Emma is hilarious and a joker when she’s not working. She’s also an excellent rapper ;))

    Without emma in my life, I’d probably be begging for friends, i’m glad that emma casted me, and i hope you cast her too <3

  • @louimezdez

    Emma is one of the sweetest people I know, she is a real good friend and she has made me happy in so many ways, when she let me join her roleplay as a voice actor, I couldn't have been more happier, she is a brilliant person and I am so glad, I became friends with her!
    I do feel sorry for her though, she is a very busy person, and I don't know how she does it all!

    Thankyou for making my life so much better Emma!

  • @sllurp

    Oh lord where do i even begin? Emma is one of the funniest most kind hearted people I've worked alongside thus far. She is brilliant, strong minded, driven and know's how to make me WHEEZE!! Emma is never strict/uptight about making sure things are done one specific way. Nor does she make the team feel as though we can't talk to her abt concerns/comments we have. She really allows her cast members to have fun but still get the job done. Not only is she brilliant at producing/writing roleplays, she is a beautiful voice actress! Emma can beautifully execute emotion and can do a variety of different pitches/accents. She is so understanding of others and really makes the community feel like a huge friend group lol. If you're lucky enough to see an audition from this lovely girl, your best bet is to CAST HER IMMEDIATELY.

  • @sora-bara

    Emma and I have worked on numerous projects together where we were owners or were voice actors. Emma and I have been a friend since 2017 when I first began voice acting. Emma is so very caring and nice. She never fails to put a smile on your face with what she says. She is very smart and comes up with the most brilliant ideas. She is an amazing voice actor and can really show the emotion that you asked of her. She has been doing this since 2017 like I have and has only gotten better with time. She's an amazing video editor and director. She is very nice towards our crew and if something is not done correctly, she does not get mad nor yell, she guides people how it's actually supposed to be done. She is an amazing singer and can rap also lol. She can quickly fit in and become friends with such about anything. She can always find some way to relate to someone no matter how different the two might be from each other. She is extremely motivated and does not give up until the final project is exactly how she imagined it. She makes voice acting and working in her crew extremely fun, but also knows when to get serious to get to work. She is amazing in every way and if she auditions for your project, you should most definitely cast her because she makes a perfect addition to any voice acting crew.