A small youtuber of 50 thousand subscribers. Mainly making  comic dubs :)

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About Deyoku
  • @oddvoices

    I appreciated the quick and speedy responses from this director. They knew exactly what they wanted and was fun to work with! Any other projects they pull up, will definitely give them another go!

  • @spleens

    Deyoku's projects are all extremely well done. Every project I've seen of theirs has been compellingly edited and well cast. Communication has never been and issue, and instruction has always been clear. I would highly recommend working with Deyoku, they are an awesome creator!

  • @mikenandamic

    Very professional and understanding. Was Very professional and understanding. Was a pleasure doing Deyoku's projects!  

  • @alleveiate

    If you’re cast in a Deyoku production, there’s no doubt everything will be handled in a professional and speedy manner! They’re delightful to talk to, personable and kind, and overall great at connecting others to new opportunities to produce work! Thanks for having me onboard your videos, I can’t wait to see what new projects you create!