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  1. Hiya, I'm Lex! My voice can rage from adults to children and anywhere in between! If you ever need to contact me, message me on Discord, or DM me here! 

  2. Disc: _Lex23_

  • @simplymiprii

    Alexa is one of the greatest VA I’ve ever had! She’s incredibly social, and isn’t afraid to do even the craziest of tasks. She brings emotion and closeness to the videos. Truly an awesome Voice actor.

  • @kazuva

    Lex is actually a really nice fella to work with. She's incredibly fun to hang around and not only that, she has such a good voice for projects! She turns in her lines WAAY before the deadlines that is given. (Like a week before for example) Overall, she's got a great voice, great personality, and such an amazing person to work with! If she auditions for your projects, keep an eye on her.

    Yours Truly,
    #FlazeClan :clown:

  • @bluebarron

    LEX IS LITERALLY AMAZINGGGGGGGGG. But in all seriousness she is an awesome and fun person to be around with and deserves A LOT more credit. If you see ANY audition from her ACCEPT IT. She Has amazing mic quality and is talented and amazing at voice acting. PLEASE FOLLOW HER.
    Ya Boi,

  • @clearwater-ivory

    Lex is truly a talented voice actress. I've been working with her for quite some time now, and she is just incredible. Not only is she an amazing voice, she's also really fun to be around. She's really positive and supportive, and an amazing friend. If you see an audition by her, please consider it. You might just be getting one of the best choies for your team.


    Clearwater Ivory.

  • @veeahva

    Lex is my uwu <3
    Seriously though, she's a super cool person to work with. She's funny, sweet and just an all round awesome gal <3 i 100% recommend her for any project as she is dedicated, fun but most of all she's sO HEcciN TaLENtEd LiKe wTf???

  • @kasnova

    Lex is amazing! Received excellent lines for her and can't wait to work with her more in the future!

  • @bitter-dub-production

    Lex is an amazing voice actress!! She was kind to help lend a quick voice for the manga dub project. I definitely recommend her in other projects! She is a very hard working person and is a great person to be around! Very respectful and caring individual. She takes projects serious and gets the job done in a timely manner. Look for her in your auditions as I highly recommend her!

    - Bitter Dub Production

  • @show_me_the_tea

    This kid is pure talent. You won’t understand what I mean till you cast her. Lex is like a cinnamon roll who’s confused all the time. Her voice is divine, it’s sophisticated and peppy. I am so happy Emma casted her, she deserves this whole thing.

    Cast her right now, you won’t regret it!

  • @xmoshii

    Lex is such a delight to have on my team! She is absolutely wonderful at voice acting, her lines are ALWAYS to a very high quality and she can pursue emotions very well. Her voice is SO angelic it’s unreal. If you get the chance PLEASE DO CAST HER! <3
    (p.s she loves alec heheheh)

  • @bearpuff4

    Lex is a super talented voice actress! She can pull of literally any emotion and she can handle a TON of projects at once! She’s super friendly too and fun to work with, but definitely knows when to be serious as well. I definitely recommend Lex~!

  • @oveqva

    Lex is very fun and easy to work with. I was looking for a quick little segment and she was able to provide in less than a few hours with amazing quality to her line. She has a very good range to her voice, I'm sure she can fit whatever role you'd be looking for her to fill.

  • @simplymiprii

    Having lex for the second time is a dream come true. She was my first main role I’ve ever hired, and she will forever be my friend! One of the most amazing voice actresses I’ve ever encountered. She’s so brilliant and hardworking.

  • @fazejdog

    What is there to say about Lex other than go on about her incredible talent as a Voice Actress! She has done a couple of voice acting jobs for me and every time she's brought her A game. There've been times where I needed to fill an extra and Lex would volunteer and get her lines to me right on time and with EXCELLENT mic quality. When she gets a role she commits to it 110%. She can portray loads of amazing different kinds of characters such as shy, outgoing, confident, and so many more. On top of that she's not only a super talented VA but she's such a ray of sunshine, she's always positive, supportive, kind, understanding, extremely funny, and easy to approach! I'm lucky to consider her a good friend of mine and I hope to get a chance to work with her again! If you get a chance to work with Lex on a project TAKE IT, I can guarantee you won't regret it!