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About Phebe Fabacher

Greetings! Thank you for checking out my profile! My name is Harudori, professionally known as Phebe Fabacher. I am a professional freelance voice actress from New York City, currently residing in Dallas Forth-Worth, Texas. I am also the founder of the Discord Partnered server the Voice Acting+ Guild, and the founder of Very Berry Studios, a casting and demo reel producing studio.

My recording studio is acoustically treated with studio-approved acoustic sound blankets, bass traps, foam, and a lot of stuffed animals.

Check out more of me on my website!

Casting Call Club - 2020

Audio Engineering

Instructed by Tony Wijs
Sunny Blue Studios - 2021

Voice Acting Bootcamp

Instructed by Rachel Messer
Extra Terrible Studios - 2020

ADR Dubbing Workshop

Instructed by Sarah Roach
Iolite Studioz - 2022

ADR and Audition Workshop

Instructed by Dani Chambers, Aaron Roberts, Manny Aragon, Bryan Massey, Jason Lord, Joel McDonald
Glow Girls - 2022

Voiceover Workshop

Instructed by Cassie Glow, Sabrina Glow
Jose Sandoval - 2022

Remote ADR Workshop

Instructed by Tyler Walker, Caitlin Glass, Dallas Reid

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  • @preston-va

    As I worked on a project alongside Phebe and a few other folks, I was quickly able to realize what a great voice actress Phebe really was. Her voice talent is very professional and in addition, she's very easy to work with! I highly recommend her to anyone that needs a great voice actress.

  • @toontheweirdo

    She’s been working for me for a year, I can say that her voice is very expressive and professional. She’s easy to work with, she doesn’t need much clarification for her lines. I will definitely recommend her, she will be great for your project.

  • @deleted243435

    I am currently working in a big group project with Phebe and i just have to say their voice is beyond amazing! If you are looking for the perfect anime style or any style of VA Phebe is the person to go to!

  • @bearpuff4

    Phebe is a super talented voice actress and she’s super cool to be around! She has a super fun and honest personality, and she’s really easy to get along with. I may not have known her for very long, but she’s totally worth hiring! Everybody needs a VA who can casually slip memes into any conversation~

  • @chriosio

    A pretty opportunistic person, she has helped me a lot in honing down my voice and giving me chances to get my name out there! Her voice is as amazing as her directorial ability because of her authentic anime-like voice. Cast her, and I bet you'll get your investment rewarded!

  • @fantastic-fables-of-flavor

    A great talent to work with. Easy and accommodating. She takes direction well and has very good script interpretation.

  • @shygamergurl

    Phebe and I have been working together for over a year now, and honestly, I couldn't ask for a better friend. Phebe is the kindest most thoughtful person I've ever met and she continues to grow as a person and as a voice actor every day. She's super dedicated to what she does and she always strives to improve which is what, I think, makes her an excellent voice actor. I'd recommend her for any of your projects. She's so thoughtful and I think you would love to get to know her as well!

  • @kvoice

    Phebe is a phenomenal force of nature behind the microphone. I've had the pleasure of collaborating with her on my "Sweetness and Lightning Manga Dub" project and she nailed each and every line perfectly while providing a range of context for each line. She's professional in her conducts and I'm honored to have worked with such an amazing talent. Thanks for everything! :D

  • @powerfulsl

    Phebe was a lot of fun to chat and work with and is definitely talented at what she does. She has quite a decent array of female voices she can do and can likely do the voice of some medium or high pitched voices so if you need something like that she's definitely a go-to. But of course, as I said, she's also been quite a nice person to chat with and someone to easily get along with so if a good friend you want she's good for that too I guess haha.

  • @kuma-chan

    Phebe is a very talented voice actress and gets her stuff done quickly. She's truly a pleasure to work with!

  • @komi-ken

    I attended their class and got some very helpful insight on what direction to go for when voicing characters. It was a great learning experience, and I would recommend them if anyone would like to learn.

  • @8bit-nate

    I did a coaching lesson from her, she was an amazing teacher, she gave a lot of great advice, she was encouraging while still being realistic with fair criticism! Feel free to ask questions! We also got to practice auditions while receiving live feedback! 10/10 recommend!

  • @jthead9

    She runs a voice acting community where she helps rookies learn how to voice act and improve their acting skills. She had a private lesson call which was alot of fun and informative. She was very chill and provided great insight and feedback.

  • @ainekeni

    Phebe is an amazing teacher and voice actor. She held a mini voice acting class where she gave lots of advice about many aspects of voice acting and she even held a mini live audition practice. She gave lots of helpful advice and great live feedback. Absolutely recommend!

  • @kenva

    Harudori is super talented and super professional. She has helped me critique and perfect my own voice acting so she's pretty good in her area. I highly recommend her for anyone looking for an amazing voice actor who's dedicated and driven.

  • @gregheff051

    She's done her voice work with good voice performance and is one of many actors I've seen who have the potential to reach far in this line of work. She listens well with how the direction should be, and takes the role seriously. Hope to work with her again in the future.

  • @wizgamingxd

    She queen eat strawberry use mic slay epic sparkle face emoji stars in the head for your voice act hire her

  • @shaymin13

    Phebe is an outstanding voice actress and very easy to get along with. Phebe’s voice work is astonishing and she brings every single character she plays to life. Phebe is undoubtably worth hiring. Don’t ever think twice about hiring this talented voice actress because you will not regret it.

  • @bna_va

    I have seen many, many projects with Haru's voice in it, and I gotta tell you, she's done extremely well with each role she has given. No matter gacha roleplays, Minecraft, dubs, it just wow's me EVERYTIME! She has everything a VA would need to be a great VA! Sooo, I'd totally recommend you to cast her<3

  • @nvstolgia

    It definitely goes without say that Phebe is one of the most, if not THE most, talented VAs to appear on CCC. Working with her, listening to her voice, and even admiring her voice is such a thrill and a joy! She is such a doll to work with, as a VA and as a person. In addition, she is as sweet as a strawberry, there is no doubt in my words when I say that Phebe is one of great talent that should definitely be considered, if not cast for your project!