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@StudioMercyOfficial Musician, Narrator & Voice Actor Since 2019
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About Studio Mercy VA Musician, Narrator & Voice Actor Since 2019  Founder of Death Engine Collective

Blumvox Studios - 2021

Blumvox Studios Voiceacting 101

Instructed by Steve Blum

This class helped me out a ton, Couldnt reccomend any more! 
Unleash the full potential of your voice with Steve Blum’s unparalleled Voiceover Training series. Immerse yourself in exclusive live sessions featuring industry giants, unlock access to a treasure trove of over 200 hours of expert content & much more.


I enjoy doing unpaid work if I enjoy the narrative and story, please contact me as a friend, I'd like to know you before we begin, it makes narration less of a job, more of a passion.