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About Steve Stanley Voiceover

Hello, I'm Steve Stanley, a voice-over talent and dubbing-artist.   

Thank you for looking in and taking a few moments to listen to showcased auditions, credits, or check out my recommendations, and review my current demo.
Like what you hear?!  Got a role you feel I'd fit?! 

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Discord:         stevestanleyvo#4262

What Steve Stanley Voiceover is looking for

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  • @bmarlo

    I cast Steve in a Star Wars comic voice dub series. Steve's professionalism was an asset to the project, and he was always prepared to help out and provide voices for Extra's dialogue as well.
    Steve always got his work in way before deadline, and has an uncanny knack of creating the perfect voice for a multitude of Star Wars alien species. I would cast Steve again in a heartbeat, and in fact, any director would be nuts to not cast him.
    Thanks Steve, in was an honor working with you.

  • @legolink

    As the Director and Producer of the short film "Night Stalker" I found it extremely easy and enjoyable to work with Steve. Before even having the chance to work individually with him, he clearly invested much time and energy in researching his character which made his submission stand out from the rest! He was also very open to feedback and quick to make necessary changes in a timely manner. His work ethic and enthusiasm for the project were exciting and motivating to see and it clearly shows in the final work that he produced. I highly recommend not just the quality of his talent but just as importantly his character as a person.

  • @deleted114536

    A voice actor who is not only a wizard in voice acting but really cares about how he voice acts. A really pleasant/awesome person to work with. One of the best, if not.. the best!

  • @dhvo

    He's a quality voice actor who really gets into character. If you're looking for a professional person to work with, look no further because he will do what is needed without complaints of redo's or adjustments. This guy's going far.

  • @arkham-2

    "Steve has been one of the most talented, friendly, and just overall one of the best Voice Actors I have ever had the pleasure of working with!"
    -Arkham, Starside Productions

    The link provided is just a TASTE of what is to come ;)

  • @mewtwo-million

    Steve Stanley was excellent! He was reliable, provided a great voice, and showed great interest in the project. Working with Steve Stanley was a fantastic experience and the whole project would have been impossible without his commitment.

  • @saitogami1

    In my time doing voice acting, I have met a handful of great individuals who not only try their best to be a helping hand to others but also an ambassador for those around them. They do this with kindness, firm critiquing, and also with a spirit that makes the person know that they are worth it.

    With all that said, Mr. Steve Stanley is all of that.

    Over the course of time, Mr. Stanley has done his best to help me whenever he has the time to. Whenever I have audition done, he will take time out of his schedule to tell me how good of a job I did. If I ask for his opinions, he also takes more time out of his schedule to give me details on what I did right and what I can do better. While he is teaching me, it never seems he is looking down on me, which means a lot in this field. In my experience, I have seen people think that they are entitled and know everything. Without any humility, they act like know-it-alls, but not Mr. Stanley.
    He will help you if you ask him to, and even then, he will assist you on his own accord. I believe we need more individuals like this in the voice acting world because while it is turning into a more competitive field, we tend to forget that we are all people with passion and drive rather than just competition. Mr. Stanley sees beyond that and treats people they want to be treated and helps them along their journey.
    If you are in need of a fantastic voice and person to be apart of your project, I highly recommend casting this individual. He will not only work hard for you but help those around him. If you cast him, you won't regret it.
    11/10 Casting choice.

  • @mystery12

    Steve's an amazing guy to work with. A total professional in every sense of the word. He's able to take direction extraordinarily well and get the character nailed down, all in a timely fashion as well. Not to mention having crystal clear audio to go with it. Of all the actors I've ever worked with, he's definitely up there with the best. Talented and professional.

  • @mystery12

    Steve is a true professional. Lines were delivered on time and in great quality. He handled retakes very well and was able to take and understand direction wonderfully. As a bonus, he's really friendly in emails. Couldn't have asked for a more positive experience.

  • @quantumleek

    Steve is a highly talented and professional voice actor. I've cast him for a couple different roles and he has never failed to deliver quality work on time and with more enthusiasm than I could possibly hope for. Without contest, he has the best monster voice I have ever heard and he makes a magnificent villain. It's been a pleasure and an honor having his work in my project.

  • @alejo-patten

    While Im not finished with the project we are collaborating on and despite his character having limited screen time, the man is literally a machine of a voice actor and without a doubt one of the best out there, bringing largest or smallest roles of a story to a whole new level! If you want to bring someone who's awesomely talented, Steves the man for the job!

  • @fighter4luv-fandubs

    Steve was very friendly, very professional and his talents are just astounding. Taking on some un-paid work with myself, Steve took part in our fandub project of an anime series, and he provided me with exactly what I needed with very little voice directing.
    With a great range, I would recommend Steve for any production!

  • @jt424

    Steve...where do I start? He is everything one could ask for in a professional voice actor: talented, dependable, takes direction well. He voiced the evil demon king Viper in my audiobook "Zane: The Demon Prince." He gave me chills. I could tell he was having fun voicing Viper. I've seen that Steve is one of the most celebrated voice actors on CCC and I totally get it. He's AMAZING!

  • @wuziwuu

    Steve does an amazing job with any characters he's given. I would highly recommend him in any project. I had a blast working with him!

  • @almightyse

    Amazing! Steve was really able to bring the character to life
    and add a personality to it. Highly recommended!

  • @kevinlee779

    Steve did such a great job with the little amount of direction I did give him and I would highly recommend him for anybody looking for a talented VA