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Need a crafty, cowardly goblin? Done. A boasting proud hero? Done and done. A midwestern dad? Second verse same as the first. Just about any voice you need, I'll fill the role.
I am a Voice Actor
Born and raised in coastal Texas, born again Christian, grew up small town and worked in various industries, including the service industry and the military. Throughout my time spent all over the US and beyond, I have heard and been surrounded by many wonderful and unique voices. Deep and bassy, shrill and sharp, you name it. Yet each had distinct and charming characteristics that brought forward something to the table. I wish to do my best with all I have heard and practiced to convey those same voices to you, to bring the characters that you hold high hopes for, to life!
Speaks: english
A British Voice Actor from Wales, I specialise in deep-mid range characters, with mid-high range cartoonish voices mixed into the pot.
I am a Voice Actor
Working out of Wales, Britain.
I grew up (Like most) loving cartoons and videogamesAnd that love hasn’t wavered, seeing all these incredible characters brought to life by normal people was fantastic.It was an inspiration, seeing all they could do to bring a character to life, and pushed me to become a casual voice actor in 2020. During this time, my love of the hobby only grew, voice acting became a daily practice and before long, I decided to go pro.After upgrading my set up, I threw myself into voice over completely, working full time. Spending every day I had free, learning and working to improve.That passion and drive, like my love for videogames and cartoons, never wavers. So I make it my mission to use it to help incredible minds bring new, fantastical worlds and stories to life.
Speaks: english
(N)SFW Voice Actor. They/She. Trash Kitty.
I am a Voice Actor
Hey there! I'm Cat Truflais, a voice actor from Ireland. I have experience with audio dramas and video games, and am available at short notice to record from my broadcast quality home studio!
Skills and Interests: crafting fantasy sultry
George Joy
Voice actor and character designer looking for more voice acting/acting or art jobs/projects :)
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Artist, Video Editor, Music Composer, Director, Producer, and Live Actor
Hey, I'm George!I'm a really positive person and I'm told that I'm good to work with :)I love voice acting and I've done a couple projects before as cartoon characters in short animated indie-series. I have a very wide vocal rang in both dialog and singing. I am also an artist and I work digitally and traditionally, and I particularly focus on character design. I'm good at character concept art, and character design for gaming and animation, ext.
Fast Facts:-George Joy-any pronouns-voice acting-acting-artist (digital + traditional)-character design-minor
DM of 6 years looking to do more with his voice
I am a Voice Actor, Writer, and Live Actor
Voices have always interested me, the ability to shift them to how you want them to be. I have been a dungeon master for DND 5e for 6 years now, and I have cultivated a skill for voice acting work.
Speaks: english
Search all 4374 voice actor Goblin profiles