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I am a Voice Actor, Video Editor, Director, and Producer
Hey! My name is Elissa Park, also known as Adoxographist.I've been voice acting since about 2011, and have been in projects like Earthlock, Bot Vice, Heroine Quest and Heroes of Newerth. As well as a couple projects from CCC as well!
My range is generally low to mid pitched. Check out my demo reel if you wanna hear me in action! I was raised French-English bilingual, so if you're looking for a French speaking voice actor, or an actor who can pull off a French accent, I'd be happy to help. 
I also like editing, and make a lot of comic dub videos over at the Voxus Channel on Youtube.
I'm gonna keep on trucking and I hope you do too!
Contact me at: Adoxographist (at)!
Accents: french korean
Skills and Interests: video editing
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Animator, Video Editor, Writer, and Live Actor
Hey! My name is Emily and I'm a 22 year old voice actor from Australia. I currently work as a lighting and compositing artist at Pixel Zoo but I love making my own animations and voice acting in other projects in my spare time.
Skills and Interests: pop/rb singing
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Video Editor, and Music Composer
                          -  ABOUT ME -              PFP drawn by : ashpeace !!

~ Greetings! I'm Ikyoomi a Twitch VTuber , Australian Asian Voice Actor and Singer
I do a lot of my content on Youtube <3
Time Zone ~ Please note that it's different for me as i have a Australian Eastern time (GMT+10) 
Voices ~ My voice range can go by high and low by doing mostly childish/Kid as Shy/innocent child and teen/adult with any emotion as a teen i think mostly
Contact ~ 
Discord : ikyoomi.#5635

(Oh yeh i'm fine with swearing i don't have any restrictions unless if it's too weird i will not do it)

Hi, GemShizen here! I have been singing, writing, and doing many impersonations of many different characters ever since I was 12, improving each time I do, but I was never able to post any of my work until now! I wear many hats so don't be afraid to contact me if you need any seats filled! ^w^
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Artist, Video Editor, Writer, and Live Actor
Setup: audacity
I eat pie that's called Nothing lol.  
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Artist, Animator, Video Editor, Music Composer, Audio Engineer, Writer, Director, and Producer
If you wish for me to voice act for me, please check pricing for the form below. (This includes non-paid roles as well.)
Aliss (Former name is Still [Still_ThinkingU-U)Voice Actor, Violinist, and more.
Contact Info:Casting Call Club: [You're Here.] Please PM/DM me for my email.Discord: Still_Oi [Formerly Still_Oi#4339]

<3 Please contact me for serious inquiries. <3 (I mean if you want to be friends, then okay! :> ) 
Facts About Me:Likes; Ice creams, books, writing, making music, sweets, travelling. Dislikes: discrimination, hateful content.Age: Currently in high school. Gender: Female (she/her)Accent: Korean American/North American.         My Activity:From fall to summer (Sept-June) I have busy schedules but I can make time if it is manageable, and from July-August I have enough time to answer you on discord. (Usually 15:00-20PM PST.)
⠀⠀                   ...
Sova / Sofía / Sofi (p. Sophie). She/Her.
I am a Animator, Video Editor, Writer, Director, and Producer
Hey there! I'm SOVASIMS but you can just call me "Sova" or Sofia/Sofi (yup, that's my name). I'm fluent on Spanish but I think I do good/okay with English (after all, all my work is made on English). I'm an Animation & Post Production student and on my free time I love making animations, playing games and write!I use all of this to create my own stories, bring them to life with my animations and use The Sims 4 as a platform.
You can watch my work here:
Skills and Interests: animation video editing
I am a Voice Actor, Artist, Animator, Video Editor, Writer, and Director
Hello! My name's Serinity. I'm an artist, writer, animator/rigger, and also a pro procrastinator trying to make their stories come to life.Any/All PronounsINTPScorpioBisexual
I am a Voice Actor, Video Editor, Writer, Director, and Producer
Matthew Curran is a mixed Filipino-American with experience as a video editor, screenwriter, videographer, and recently an audio drama producer and director. He worked for multiple Tv stations in Houston, including Afrovibes TV and Radio. His goal and hope is to connect and collaborate with other creatives and do his part to help bolster the narratives these creatives are trying to make.He has worked with nonprofit organizations as well as minority-owned businesses doing promotional material. He is also the director of an award-winning short documentary film, Foldtastic, who also works as its producer and editor. He is producer and writer of Project Gnosis, a cyberpunk urban fantasy featuring monsters and magic around the world.

Looking forward to starting a new adventure in Voice Over Work. I also do sound design/audio editing. 
I am a Voice Actor, Video Editor, Audio Engineer, Director, and Producer
My voice range is medium, more mature pitch. I've done everything from video editing, to animation to writing novels over the last few years and love to collaborate and try new things. I'll definitely bring an interesting perspective to your projects, I also won't ghost you if I commit to a project. Discord is katloveland
Speaks: english
Here to show off my work, contemplate over aesthetic thumbnails and over analyze every single detail
I am a Voice Actor, Artist, Video Editor, Writer, Director, and Producer
Hello! My name is Mia (She/her) and I'm an aspiring voice actor and writer. I use way too much dramatic flare at times and  cannot get over the fact that my art is the epiphany to visual irony. I take story-telling and use it to make indescribable dreams become a reality, is really what I do. Thank you for stopping by! 
Knights Kingdom Studios
- Founded May 13th, 2023, Knights Kingdom is a Media Production Studio/Company based in Northeast Illinois, USA. We produce projects such as Audio Dramas, Short Films, and Comics.- Feel free to send us a message to see if we currently have any open roles or want to pitch a project to us!
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Artist, Animator, Video Editor, Music Composer, Audio Engineer, Writer, Director, Producer, and Live Actor
- Links & Contact Info:
Hey I'm 4iraa (a.k.a Nonstop-Naria) I'm a voice-actor, artist, musician, and more! ໒꒰ྀི´ ˘ ` ꒱ྀིა
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Artist, Video Editor, Music Composer, and Writer
Hey I'm 4iraa (a.k.a Nonstop-Naria) I'm a voice-actor, artist, musician, and more! ໒꒰ྀི´ ˘ ` ꒱ྀིა

(I kindly request that you refrain from using tone-tags for personal reasons that I'm not comfortable with sharing!) My discord is: _nonstopnariaFeel free to reach out ໒꒰ྀི´• ˕ •` ꒱ྀིა !!
Skills and Interests: 2d art
My World Is Like A Canvas!
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Artist, Animator, Video Editor, Music Composer, Audio Engineer, Writer, Director, and Live Actor
My name is Kirby J. Alexander, I'm an artist and animator from the United States who thrives on expressing my creativity with a pen and tablet on both of my hands.
Other than that I’m a writer, editor, voice actor, storyboard artist, musician, and much more!
My goal is that I wanna inspire the audience with cultural diversity and ethical backgrounds. As someone who has autism and asperger syndrome, I view my world like a colorful canvas, full of fascination and discovery! I want to also inspire the viewer with cultural diversity and ethical backgrounds. To be themselves no matter what challenge or difficulties they'll face.
So if you’re interested then feel free to give me a quick DM and I’ll gladly be part of any passionate project you’re working on!
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Artist, Video Editor, Writer, and Director
hihi! im Angie/Will/Lloyd! i use any pronouns, but i prefer he/him!i am a minor, so any projects i direct will not be paying.
i mainly work as a director or voice actor. i am able to do singing bits, art, and more if i need to!
i voice act primarily as characters in Danganronpa projects, but i am willing to contribute to other means.
as a director, im very friendly and i like befriending those i work with. i also do more hands on work, like actually working with the people one on one for their lines, and i can be picky. also warning as itself, a lot of my writing includes in some shape or form, LGBTQ+ content and dynamics like romantic relationships. if you are uncomfortable with voicing those kinds of scenes (never NSFW), please let me know and i will work something out. 
for any important emails, you can reach out to me at my work gmail (drowsietown)my carrd
Speaks: english