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I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Video Editor, Music Composer, Audio Engineer, Writer, Director, and Live Actor
I'm Matti Mali, also known as HedonisticActor, a 33-year old artist from Finland who has studied acting, writing and directing practically through my whole life. I've worked 15 years for a local amateur theater and appeared as an extra in couple of Finnish movies and TV shows and in recent years I've become interested on voice acting, most of the early experience gotten from blog/video site Manic Expression's podcast plays (for example Futility where I play the lead). Some of my notable works include video game Almost a Hero as Kind Lenny, Star Citizen machinia Combined Arms as Captain Kenny, video game Aquacreep as Shawn and video game Infinite Adventures as Sorcerer Modari and Agamon the Prideful.
I am a Animator, Video Editor, Music Composer, and Writer
Hello. My name is Ben. I am mostly here to find people to help work on projects that involve voice acting. Although I'm not really a voice actor, I am skilled with using Sony Vegas for video editing and Sound Editing. I also like writing comedy stuff when I get ideas.
My discord is yottakon#7970
Voice Description: male young adult
Skills and Interests: video editing
I am a Animator, Video Editor, and Music Composer
I'm just some random boi. Wanting to spend my boredom to is last drop. 
But the only thing keepin me away from my objectiv is my lack of motivation and my lazyiness. 
but anyway my name is Daniel also know as k4nki3(kankie). My hobby or also my ''work'' is doing videos on youtube and makin music. Droppin those hots mix tape if you know what i mean, even tho sum people told me that sum parts should have been better. Anyway the kind of videos i create is gaming videos and they are fun to make and watch. The only problem is that my m8's(mates) aren't always on for a matter of fact they never on, so i been just chillin in the dark doin nothin...
but anyway the ways you can get my is either on skype daniel.svensson23 or my discord server [Or k4nki3 #7865 ] do not worry this link will never expire and can always be used. The reasson why Discord/skype is t...
Skills and Interests: fighting
Hi! My Discord is @Vhispearl#5624 MSG me incase of any questions :)
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Artist, Video Editor, and Live Actor
Hello~ Vhis here
I love singing and doing impressions!
-I'm happy to be working with you

Setup: blue yeti
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Artist, Video Editor, Music Composer, Audio Engineer, Writer, Director, Producer, and Live Actor
Hello there, I'm Night Shadow Hi there, I'm Samuel also known as Night ShadowSmall info about myself. I'm 26, the guy from Finland. I make videos on my YouTube channel " Night Shadow".  YouTube and my artwork are my side projects, what I do when I have a feeling and a passion for it.
I have my own small "side project" called RWBY Flaming Skull, where I am a scriptwriter, voice actor, and artist. 
I use Rode NT1-a microphone and Interface  Focusrite Scarlette Solo 3rd Gen
You can find me in discord  Night_Shadow#5338In Devian art ShadowMark197

I am a big music fan, especially 80/90 AOR, Hard rock, and metal, but I enjoy also instrumental music. That inspired me to start my own side project, to do music that is, what I would like to listen to, and I wanted also to bring my stories out. I focus on instrumental music, and I do cover songs with my acoustic/electric...
Skills and Interests: video editing
I am a Voice Actor, Video Editor, Writer, and Director
Im a young content creator that mainly focus on machinima but have done stop-motion, gameplay videos and live action skits. I like to play around with voice acting, experimenting with my voice to find new and interesting voices.
I am a Voice Actor, Artist, and Video Editor
Voice Description: male adult
I am a Voice Actor, Video Editor, Writer, and Director
Accents: swedish
Voice Description: male teen
Skills and Interests: directing voice acting
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, and Video Editor
My discord: Just A Sonic Fan#8619
My YouTube Channel:
Idk... I like voice-actingAnd want to improve with every project and audition I do.
Voice Description: male teen
"Ingen idé är för liten, om man hjälps åt att förverkliga den"                                                                                                                                                                                                                         - Filmstudio Norrsken
I am a Artist, Video Editor, Writer, Director, and Producer
amy ⋅ 20 ⋅ she/her ♡ Hej! Jag heter Amy och jag är en Freelance Artist - vid sidan om så jobbar jag med produktioner i Minecraft för det Svenska Minecraft Communityt.PERSONLIG CARRD:
YOUTUBE: Filmstudio Norrsken
Speaks: swedish
Accents: swedish
Skills and Interests: script writing
Content creator in several fields!
I am a Voice Actor, Video Editor, Writer, Director, and Producer
Hi! I’m Summer or Sam! I’m a trans woman and a voice actress. Voice acting has been a big dream of mine since I was 8. I’m not one to draw that much attention but I’d be a lot better at speaking to people after learning how to professionally voice act. I hope I get in contact with someone soon, love Sam <3
Accents: swedish
Voice Description: male teen light male voice
I am a Voice Actor and Video Editor
Setup: audacity
Voice Description: male teen
Skills and Interests: audacity
Actively searching for passionate team members!
I am a Video Editor, Music Composer, Audio Engineer, Writer, Director, Producer, and Live Actor
Dearest artist,
Project ://Terra is a universe based in Science Fiction-Fantasy. To dissect what that means; The history and lore of this story is based on modern day scientific research to root it in reality, familiarity and empathy for the audience. Then we delve into the fictitious aspects that allow us more freedom to expand on that scientific research. Last, we create a world of fantasy that is based on the previous two genres, all building upon one another to bring forth, Terra.This is a multimedia project, meaning we are looking to draw art talents from every genre and subclass. Illustrators, Editors, Musicians, Voice Actors are just to name a few. The culmination of this multimedia platform will be what I am calling an Immersive Audiobook. This means that the video we release will have a soundtrack, sound effects, art, voice acting and the like. Everything to make it feel l...
I am a Artist, Animator, Video Editor, and Director
I'm an animator/artist who specializes in storytelling and character illustrations, I'm also the head of the "Magical Warrior Squad" project, unfortunately being a tad inexperienced in project managing, but am very versatile in a vast majority of the roles I am proficient on
Voice Description: male young adult
Voice actor from Sweden with a degree in Film and Radio Production.
I am a Voice Actor, Video Editor, Music Composer, Audio Engineer, and Writer
Hello! Thank you so much for stopping by. I'm ODR. A Scandinavian Voice Actor with over 10 years of experience in both film and radio production. I come from a long line of musicians and actors both in theatre, feature films and lately, video games. I enjoy watching anime, yet i am picky with what i watch. I enjoy Seinen shows such as Psycho Pass, Hellsing Ultimate and Blood-C. I also enjoy the work of Junji Ito, although his work hasn't really translated well into animated media (here's hoping for the uzumaki adaptation).
I grew up watching horror films such as Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street and Dracula. Later in life i found the works of Lars von Trier and Ari Ester which redefined the idea of horror for me. I studied film and radio between the years of 2009 and 2013, i've also been a musician with my main instrument being the electric guitar since 2008.I am by all mean...