Kirby J. Alexander

Kirby J. Alexander

My World Is Like A Canvas!

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About Kirby J. Alexander

My name is Kirby J. Alexander, I'm an artist and animator from the United States who thrives on expressing my creativity with a pen and tablet on both of my hands.

Other than that I’m a writer, editor, voice actor, storyboard artist, musician, and much more!

My goal is that I wanna inspire the audience with cultural diversity and ethical backgrounds. As someone who has autism and asperger syndrome, I view my world like a colorful canvas, full of fascination and discovery! I want to also inspire the viewer with cultural diversity and ethical backgrounds. To be themselves no matter what challenge or difficulties they'll face.

So if you’re interested then feel free to give me a quick DM and I’ll gladly be part of any passionate project you’re working on!


I’m not interested in payments, I just wanna show off my talent to the world and enjoy doing what I love most.

What Kirby J. Alexander is looking for

I’m looking for projects created by passionate artists and animators. Whether if he or she are finding someone who’ll create the next big thing, someone who’ll lend a voice, find a perfect leader, or just wanna help pick up that paintbrush and wanna create a masterpiece that’s worth seeing.