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About MQ Media

Matthew Curran is a mixed Filipino-American with experience as a video editor, screenwriter, videographer, and recently an audio drama producer and director. He worked for multiple Tv stations in Houston, including Afrovibes TV and Radio. His goal and hope is to connect and collaborate with other creatives and do his part to help bolster the narratives these creatives are trying to make.He has worked with nonprofit organizations as well as minority-owned businesses doing promotional material. He is also the director of an award-winning short documentary film, Foldtastic, who also works as its producer and editor. He is producer and writer of Project Gnosis, a cyberpunk urban fantasy featuring monsters and magic around the world.


All Rates are negotiable depending on projects.

What MQ Media is looking for

Looking for writing work, video editing work, producing work, or even voice acting work in casting call club

  • @vague

    MQ is an incredible director and have a great vision for his project, he has great creativity and the world building in his story is very unique. Working with him have been very awesome as he gave great directions and I am excited to work with him more in the future!