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A wild, awkward artist has appeared!
I am a Voice Actor, Artist, Animator, Video Editor, and Writer
Currently working for Scratch Studios.
Hihi! You can call me Torpid or Pea. I'm an 19 y.o. illustration student, trying to survive the day-to-day life. I go by she/her/them, and aside from a little bit of autism, I have heavy social anxiety. Receiving messages makes me very panicky so I apologize in advance in case I take a little while to reply ':0
I am a very very small content creator, mainly active on Instagram. I've pretty much only been doing random art without focusing too much on my own character's stories, but I want to start doing a bit of that and see how it goes.
At first I came here to try voice acting myself, but since it didn't go that well, and couldn't keep up with it for college and mental health reasons, I erased my account.I ended up coming back a few months later in search for voice actors -w-Might try again someday, when I get better with pronunciation a...
Wassup. I'm Taemon.
I am a Voice Actor, Video Editor, and Audio Engineer
Hi! I'm Taemon. I'm a 19 year old catalan (spanish) Voice Actor and multimedia editor specialized in Adobe Premiere Pro, Photoshop, After Effects and Audition.I speak fluently english, spanish, catalan and japanese.
I'm kind of novice in all the online project thing, so I first want to see what people has to offer! I don't usually charge nothing for my services.
What does my name mean??My username (normally) is "taemonsemi" which is conformed by 2 parts:Taemon (田衛門)田 (Ta): Means "Rice Field".衛門 (Emon): Means "Guardian of the door". It's used frequently to indicate that the name is a male name. And yes, it's the same "Emon" as in "Doraemon".Semi (蝉): Which means "Cicada" (Yup. The insect.). I like Cicadas.And nope, my real name is not Taemon. It is a pseudonym (just in case).
Search all 6771 video editor catalan profiles