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I am a director, writer, producer, animator, and voice actor currently working on so many projects that are made by me. I’m also looking for people to help out on my work.

  • @gcs1992

    As a casted member in the SuperBirds X Holiday special called "The Holiday Disaster X", he has done very well playing the young and adorable Nick. Without delay, he managed to finish his lines in great timing and well ahead of the deadline. He had also maintained excellent two-way communication throughout the time of being casted until the point at which he completed all of his lines. As a director, I definitely recommend him for other projects.

  • @ben87hub

    Could you please Co Direct my project?

  • @ben87hub

    The Reason why I want you to be a Co Director for the Tristan Coleman movie is because I can't find a Composer or a Comic SFX designer for the movie which at least you're not the music Composer and the Audio Engineer, I know but the Instrumentals that are not confirmed such as:
    BlackMan theme song
    I cannot move it move it
    Blackgirl theme song
    And others.