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About SuhmGuyVoices

Hey there!

My name's Nathan, also known as SuhmGuyVoices- I'm an aspiring voice actor trying to get my voice heard throughout. I've been doing this for a good five years now and have been having a blast getting to participate in the gigs I get cast in, striving to build up the best resume I can, whether it's through unpaid or paid projects!

I'm slowly beginning to gain some traction on my own work primarily with comic dubs, which allows me to come up with some of my own voices for characters!

Other than character work, I also get some professional commercial work done for some clients on Upwork! You can find my Freelancer profile here. Feel free to reach out that way as well if you want a narrator!

The Equipment & Software I use currently:

- Blue Yeti Microphone

- Newerr Pop filter

- Audacity

you need to contact me, please do not hesitate to contact me on here
via private messaging. You can also contact me on my Twitter: or my Discord: Egg#6348

I like to make remixes of video game music in my pastime as well!

Lastly, my icon was made by the wonderful @superkenny_png

Thanks for dropping by!

Demos & Samples

SuhmGuyVoices- DEMO REEL APRIL 2022

Hey there! Are you looking for a cool and collected protagonist, maybe a pompous nobleman, or perhaps a psychotic scientist? I'm the person for you I'm very proud to present my NEW Character Demo Reel! I've taken so many great strides ever since my last one I produced 2 years ago, and I'm more than eager to show my improvements!

I cannot thank @keikova enough for producing this!

  • @vesnard

    I specifically received writing work from OrionMagnus. Holy Moly does this guy have a voice! I can tell that he has something unique and will really go far in this industry. You can expect great sound work and willingness to improve if that's what it takes to have a successful project. This gentleman is also far too polite, what a treat! I am proud to have worked with him and look forward to seeing his future creations.

  • @jackson-kesecker

    OrionMagnus is not only an absolute pleasure to work with but he is also a very versatile and competent voice actor. I worked for him as an Audio Engineer and the voice lines that he sent me made me truly believe what I was hearing. His ability to put himself into the character he is performing and bring it to life is quite astonishing. Coupled with his miraculous voice is his pleasant aura of professionalism. He sent me clean files, he sent them promptly, and he was a most gracious client. He is, without a doubt, a very kind and very generous human being.
    I look forward to working with him in the future should we collaborate again. If you, dear reader, are considering him for a role, cast him. I could not recommend him more highly. 10/10

  • @spacewiz217

    OrionMagnus is such a dedicated and excellent voice actor! He always delivers such incredible work and really cares about quality. It is an absolute pleasure to work with him, he's a fun and professional addition to any cast! He is very versatile too!

  • @cu-na-saoirse

    OrionMagnus performed the role of Chief Clerk - Arinori Himura's manager in a Persona 5 fanfic audio reading. He performed extremely well, even to the point that it was beyond my expectations. His patience in waiting for this rather small role to have more lines available is astounding as well, and I recommend him to anyone who wishes to take him on board!