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Your lovely everyday small voice actor, haha~ || I talk to walls. || ♪~ Minor
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Artist, Video Editor, Writer, and Director
// About Me \\
Name: Dayss
Nickname(s): ve
Age: 13+
Gender: Female (she/her)
Timezone: PST

I'm Dayss! An Asian American aspiring voice actress! I mainly do medium ranged characters but I'm opened to all types of characters! I've always wanted to make characters come life ever since I was little. I'm quite shy in real life and even though I’ve participated in many theaters, stage fright is still my worst enemy. That’s where voice acting came in handy. If I'm being honest, confidence is not my specialty, so voice acting has helped me a lot! 
My voice range is horrible but I'm still going! haha~ I'm still working on my range and emotions but feel free to look through my auditions!
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//Voice Acting \\
Voice Pitch: Soprano - Med
VA Experience: 2 year+
Stage Experience: Over 3 years
Offers?: Check out pricing!

I am a Voice Actor and Video Editor
Hi there! The name's Vari. I go by they/them pronouns and am currently a minor. VAing in a couple of productions, but a translyricist in a hell of a lot more. DM for samples. @vairirii on Discord if needed.
Speaks: hindi
[No longer Active]
I am a Video Editor and Writer
Hello Fellow Friends! Kam here from BubblyVibes (gaming) & BubblyCookies (gacha)Alright so I make Gacha Club Mini Movies, Gacha Club Mini Series, and More! I'm pretty bad at making and editing Gacha videos so if you have tips please tell me! I also make Nintendo gaming videos as well on my gaming channel! I'm pretty shy, very awkward and not interesting lol. I like to read and write short stories and i use gacha to put them to life! I have so many short story ideas just flowing through my head it's ridiculous lol. ~ Currently Working on my series Beverly Academy of Hybrids ~Fun Facts: I Love to play video games, I own a Dsi, 3DS, Wii, Wii U, Game & Watch, & a Nintendo Switch. I Like playing games like Paper Mario, Mario related games, Kirby, Minecraft, etc.  I Play clarinet and will be in my schools marching band! I also transcribe Nintendo music :D |  I have two rabbits, ...
Speaks: english
Voice Description: female teen
Search all 7098 video editor clarinet profiles