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About Yokai Dango -fighting RPG / LGBT+ dating sim-

PLEASE IGNORE THE DEADLINES, IT IS NOT THE OFFICIAL ONE. I'd like to get everything casted by the New Year, 2021. If this needs to be extended, than it shall, but it shall not be shortened.

I will also be updating more and more information to this as time goes by. Anything that is important, such as an official deadline or adding of roles will be posted as an update and announced. The images being used are not their official sprites, but pretty close.

Even if you don't have CCC you can audition via csrcreates (@) gmail (.) com - Just title the email "Audition for Yokai Dango" and mention the roles you are auditioning for, an alias to call you by, and please put the role's name in your file's title. OR you can send an audition to the CSR Creations server: https://discord.gg/Fv7mmWZ

This is an RPG that follows the main player character who's gender presentation can be chosen by the player. The story takes place in a historic Japanese-based universe with yokai. It's both a fighting RPG and a dating game. There are a few characters who fall under the trans or non-binary umbrella, and of course, all of them fall under the queer umbrella (mainly as bi/gay), especially since the player character's gender presentation can change.

Currently, I am not promising any money for this project, but I do hope that I will be able to. But as I do not know what the future holds, I will not say any prices. If any revenue is made from the game, it will first and foremost go to the cast as payment for their services, so if people get paid, it might have to be after the fact.

There are no accents in particular that I am looking for and nor do I care what accent you have. I will be judging on your acting skills, not if you don't have an accent that is the stereotypical "Hollywood" accent (or even mind a mild speech impediment like a lisp). British, German, Southern States American, Hispanic, and more, any and all accents are welcomed.

All I can say is to at least have a decent mic and/or noise gate that blocks out static/white noise and to avoid too much background noise when it comes to the actual project (I don't mind some shuffling/animal or traffic noise for the audition, though), If your audition doesn't reflect the quality of your actual recordings, then please state so, otherwise I will have to assume that you do not actually have the quality required for the project.

Feel free to audition for more than one character, it helps gives both of us options and lets me see your range.


"Yasu spent their entire life raised as and amongst humans. Shortly after their mother's death, they discovered that they are not only a kitsune being raised by their human step-father, but heir to the throne that their mother left unattended. Now, yokai are after them for a plethora of reasons, whether to keep them from reclaiming their throne or for the bounty that comes with returning them to their kingdom, it's up to Yasu to decide and figure out who they can or cannot trust on their journey.”

Thank you all so much and I look forward to what you all have to show!

About the Creator: CSR Creations

Author, illustrator, designer, voice actor, and dipping their hands in everything.


I have a discord but will only give it in private chat.

C.S.R. self-identifies as a hellion and claims to be a one-person team that writes, illustrates, and doesn’t know how to shut up so they decided to get into voice acting instead, playing both male and female roles (and still waiting for the day they can voice a non-binary character). He’s been passionately writing and creating his work ever since he was young and at one point picked up the idea of voicing some of it himself alongside opening doors for others to get more voice work through his content. As the narcissist that they are, C.S.R. has a habit of always casting themselves in their own projects but has recently been getting roles in other people’s. As a queer, polyamorous trans person, he is a big advocate on representation of the LGBT+ community and recognizing how differences are beauty. They try to spread as much positivity and compassion as possible, always encouraging the actors casted in their projects to build a community with each other and build one another up.

I love a lot of genres and to blend them, but horror/supernatural, historical, and fantasy are my top favorites. Also, there’s almost always LGBT+ content.

There is now a Discord server for my work in general where people are allowed to join to leave auditions, keep up to date on my work, and/or to be part of the community (you are 100% allowed to do self-promoting of your own work and such). It's not a requirement to join this specific server should you get casted for any of my projects nor is it a formal commitment to join. If you do not like the server, you can simply leave or just mute it. You can even think of it as a sort of test run to, to see if I am someone you'd like working with and vice versa.

CSR Creations server: https://discord.gg/HnRrsJp

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold