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About DkUniverse


**Name**: Deku

**Introduction**: I am a versatile voice actor known for my ability to bring a wide range of unique and wacky voices to life. My passion lies in the world of animation, encompassing anime, cartoons, and various other forms of storytelling. In addition to my vocal talents, I excel in video editing, content creation, and storytelling.

General Pricing: At least $0.01/per word!

**YouTube Channel**: [DkUniverse on YouTube](

**Notable Roles**:

- **Umbreon** in *Eeveelution Squad* by Pastel_Crescent

- **Angel** in *Purrfect Apawcalypse* by StarfireSeraphim

- **Jack** in *Falling Off The Edge* by AriTurtle

- **Taki** in *Angels Touch* by MeghanIsNotDumb

- **Roderick** in *A Memory's Recipe* by SiegeYT

**Narrator** for:

- *The Noclip Podcast*

- *Top Trend*

My work in the voice acting industry and content creation has allowed me to make significant contributions to various projects. Feel free to explore my YouTube channel to experience the range of voices and creativity I bring to the table.


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    DkUniverse is a very talented and voice actor who never fails to reach a deadline!

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    he has a good project

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