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About Workingonit chapter 1

This project is an animated musical.

The rough chapter 1: 

Amoira is a cat and she falls in love with Danny, a rabbit. Although Danny is a sweet and nice guy, he does not know Amoira exists. With a low self esteem and coming from a rough break up, Amoira has a lot of obstacles to overcome before she is able to even say hello to him.  And when she finally feels secure to face her fears... she embarasses herself in front of the town and Danny!

The project is divided into 14 chapters. With recurring characters, songs, adult themes and a lot of jokes. 

We are working on the animation and we need help... Your help.

This project is an original project, made by people who do this for fun. Therefore our budget is really small. We will pay for every role we put out and depending on the budget we add roles during the project. However, if you do not care about money and want to be included in the project, we would love your contribution. You can send a personal message here or e-mail us at the mail adress provided on my main page.

We need:

-Voice actors (see list below for current open roles and below in this post for upcoming roles)

-animators (really!!!)

-song writers

-music composers

-project managers

We can only pay what we have listed below in the open roles casting part :(

What we expect:

- .wav format voice over of decent quality (no background noise, no to little reverb, etc)

- when auditioning for recurring roles, you are available for the entirety of the project (meaning we can ask you back after a period of time for the same role (every time is paid) reminder this is a 14 chapter long project and currently we have 1 animator, who is also the writer of the story)

- we can pay you via paypall

- You preferably have a discord or skype

- Interest in the project

Roles for the chapter

-Amoira (main character, cat, tries to get in touch with the 'love of her life') Voiced by Dropje

-Sean (Jack Russel character, son of the mayor) Voiced by Alexander "Blairlex"Hanly

-Clara (Fox character, best friend of Amoira)Voiced by kiwiTee

-Claire (Badger character, girlfriend of Clara) Voiced by  SeventhofSages

 -Fred (Ferret (1) passerby. Often mistaken for Fred) Voiced by me

-Brad (cat character, boyfriend of Amoira at the start of the project) Voiced by "Corey Borchers (BlueRexVO)"

-Danny (bunny character, love interest of Amoira) Important to note: Danny is based on Dan Avidan and his alter ego Danny Sexbang from Ninja Sex Party (role is taken)

-Brian (cat character, antagonist?) Voiced by Alexander "Blairlex"Hanly 

-Mister Dagay [read: Da-gay] (cat character, former blues singer and now boss of Amoira) important to note: Mister Dagay is slightly racist. If you do not feel confident reading sniding comments about "lesser people", do not audition for this part (of-site voice actor)

-Lea (bunny character, friend and coworker of Amoira)

-Minor characters that are not fleshed out yet

-Fred, Fret, Fredrich, Frederick, Freddie, Freed (all ferret characters. Get the joke?)

- Music composer for intro music (look in the description at the role)

- Music composer for the songs made by

Thank you for looking into the project. We hope to hear from you soon!

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold