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About Missmamawork

Hello my dear reader,

I am Barbara (aka Missmamawork) and as you might think I like to work on projects. 
I am fluent in Dutch and English. 
Besides working on projects I am also working on improving myself and I love to help others.

I am on CCC for voice acting, but I draw and write a lot myself as well. Look at my social links for more info.

My discord is MissMamaWork#4990 if you want to reach me on there.

  • @dropje

    Cleaned95622 and I have been working together on the project WorkingOnIt for a while now, and they've been more than pleasant to work with. I have received not just enjoyment in general, but also motivation from being in their team and always feel very included and an important member. They give courage, motivation as well as tips, very recommended.

  • @bluerexvo

    While my part was a small one, I very much enjoyed working on WorkingOnIt. Everything I needed to perform the role was provided in a very timely and professional manner.

  • @kiwitee

    WorkingOnIt is very friendly and open minded. She’s really amazing and fun to work with since she is very organized and knows how to motivate the team.
    The script was provided very quickly and had lots of useful stage directions for the characters.
    I’m really looking forward to working with her long-time on her project! :D

  • @darkclould

    Work is my co-host on my podcast CloudWork she is awesome she helped out so much I don't know how I would have done it with out her she responds right away and is kind

  • @majorsilver99

    Workingonit was the first to respond once I cast the VA's. Since then she has been the first to turn in new lines, and she always sends me plenty of amazing takes to choose from.

    She voiced Officer 2, Jo.

  • @gcs1992

    I have casted Workingonit for the roles as the "Old Witch" in "The Adventures of the Vampire Prince" project series and "Mrs Rikes" from "A Christmas Carol Reborn" project. She had a brilliant voice an really did a good job playing the role of an old antagonist. She was a very fun and enthusiastic person to work with and really enjoys her roles. She maintained great two-way communication and does a great job completing her lines early regardless the circumstances. Overall, she is a great person to work with and I strongly recommend her to any director out there!