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About Pursuit of Orlinia - TS Cinematic Audiobooks

Pursuit of Orlinia

Genre: Adventure, Romance, Drama
Story Summary

    Shackled to his own world of fame and fortune, Skyliner CEO and founder, Antony Caracalla, has all a man could want. Hailed as the “Silver Prince” of his home city, Orlinia, Antony finds himself surrounded by people who seek only to gain his favor and never his friendship. Even as a murder scandle involving the cities own mayor threatens to tarnish his reputation, Antony cannot help but try to sabotage his life with high flying thrills, careless bets, and risky business investments (including hiring the cities biggest mob lord, Duke Sprit) seeking freedom of his own bonds. But when Antony’s only true friend and Vice President, Noal Wilde, makes a bet with him that he can’t survive three days in the city's lower slums (the Quarter), Antony cannot help but seek the chance to prove his friend wrong.

    Upon arriving in the all but forgotten world below the city's high life, Antony meets a young woman, seemingly with no name or knowledge of who he is, who changes his views on the city forever. A woman, nicknamed Robin, who cannot help but see optimism in her grey and dreary world through her own colorful sidewalk murals and acts of kindness towards others in need. As Antony’s nameless guide leads him through Orlinia’s world of abandoned citizens, his eyes and heart are suddenly opened to the lives he has carelessly ruined with his greed, changing him forever.

    Having fallen in love with “the Quarter’s Colorful Songbird," Antony is suddenly dragged away from her arms and back to his life as an aristocrat, leading him on a journey to find the woman he loves once more. All the while, his nameless princess sets out on her own eye opening adventure, seeking to return to the man whom she now sees only for who he truly is and not for what he has. Yet the greedy and powerful within Orlinia’s nobility threatens to destroy their happy reunion, as Antony is ready to give up his fame and fortune in exchange for finding his lost fairytale princess while righting his wrongs.

About the Project

    TS Audiobooks focus on bringing stories to life through the magic of audio. Through the combined efforts of voice actors and audio engineering, stories are created with the immersiveness of a Hollywood film while allowing the listeners to fill in the visuals with imagination that goes beyond the big screen. Each character in the story is performed by an individual voice actor, with a narrator filling in the details alongside an array of high quality sound effects and emotionally engaging musical scores.

About the Creator: TSWieland

What can I say? I love what I do, and I do what I love.

I'm an adventure fiction author from Colorado, with a BA in Visual and Performing Arts, with a long history in both live and stage production. I'm a published novelist and audiobook developer, Global E-Book Nominee, and work as a music studio manager, audio engineer, and producer in Nashville, TN. My biggest aspiration in life is creating works which both inspire and motivate people through stories which we all can relate to in our own ways. 

I love working with talented and creative people who are devoted to their craft. We all need a reason to wake up in the morning. Lifting people up, inspiring them to keep going, and dawning a smile is mine. 

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold