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About elenaghark

Hi! I'm an Cleveland-born, Canadian-based voice actor. I specialize in animation and audio drama, but also have experience in video games and narration. 

  • @aspiringsinger15

    Elenaghark was the narrator for my project and she was AMAZING! Her performance was wonderful enough, but she also followed my direction very well for any corrections I needed. She was such a pleasure to work with and really went above and beyond for the project. Highly recommend to anyone searching for a dedicated voice actress!

  • @undeadstars

    Elena is one of the friendliest people I’ve worked with; not only does she have such overflowing talent in what she does, but she’s also absolutely hilarious and extremely personable. She has delivered such stunning performances in my long term project, but sometimes in her lines, she’ll leave in the funniest side comments to make you smile when you edit. She is extremely hardworking in delivering the voice you want and receptive to feedback. She’s also very fast with line deliveries. I highly recommend her if you want not only a very talented VA, but also a wonderful person to get to know, as she is an absolute pleasure to have in my cast.

  • @glaiveofgold

    Elena was awesome to work with--friendly, skilled, and professional, while delivering some great lines and working with us as needed to fine-tune them. Definitely consider her for your next project!