My name is Abigail, I have always spiced up my day-to-day speech with off-the-wall voices and decided I should make something of it. I have been voice acting for 3 years now and I look forward to working with even more amazing people in this community.

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About FandomQuest

I have always been extremely expressive with my speech, which led to my Mom letting me do some acting classes in my very early years. Later, in early high school, I did 3 years of choir and got to perform in quite a few bigger productions as well as local events. I sang for the Nutcracker, Brundibar, and Carmen, to name a few. Now I do many fun voice acting projects on casting call club and fiverr as well as finding the occasional gig on discord. 


My usual rates are $20 for every 100 words, but if you have another rate that you can afford, I am willing to negotiate.

What FandomQuest is looking for

Voice acting currently makes up a majority of my career, so I do try to get more paying gigs than I do for exposure. That being said, I do like to work on the occasional startup project as a form of investment of time. More than anything, I am here to contribute to the fandoms and fandom communities that have impacted me so much throughout my life.

  • @kazamacat

    Abigail (FandomQuest) was the narrator for Chapter 2 of my Rainbow Dash My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fanfiction, The Master Mev. Chapter 2 is unique because it is the contents of a book Rainbow Dash reads for the story. The narrator takes up the entirety of the chapter content. While I had some other very good auditions from other actors for the role, ultimately, Abigail had the perfect voice for the job.

    While the project is still going, Chapter 2 is done and published. We touched base regularly as we found necessary while working on it, and she did all the retakes I requested of her.

    Abigail was a pleasure to work with, and I am happy to recommend her voice acting talent.

  • @jayred56

    I got FandonQuest to lend her voice in one of my stop motion animations. I've also seen her work in other projects and I was impressed with her work! She's able to portray a wide variety of emotions and characters, her mic quality is good, and she delivers the lines quickly. 

  • @josh-writes

    I got Fandom Quest as Dinah Lance for my Green Arrow series, and they did an absolutely amazing job! They brough everything I was looking for to the role and really breathed life into it. She was very receptive to listen to my suggestions and sent the lines very quickly.