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Konekosoft's Previously Completed Works

    Voice Acting 101

    Starts Feb 4. Seats limited.

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    About Tokyo Re:Connect (Anime Visual Novel) - Voice Actors Role

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    [Status Update (9/26/2019)]: CLOSE
    Deadline: September 25

    KONEKO is an indie developer located in Tokyo, Japan. We are a company specializing in professional quality entertainment products. We strive to create top-quality creative works with a great story, clever gameplay, and cutting-edge visuals.

    This is an Anime Visual Novel in the works. We did not plan on having voices for this game originally as it would stray way off-budget but are open to having it voiced. This said, please audition only if you are comfortable with working on this game without monetary compensation (FREE - NO PAY). All lines will be voiced in English.

    Final Files: .mp3 (Bitrate: 320kbps)

    + REWARD/Compensation:
    ■ You will be credited for your work.
    ■ When the game is released, you will be received a Free Full game-copy.


    Spring is the season of first meetings. 

    On the advice of his older sister, Touki transfers into Ainoshima Gakuen in the middle of the spring term. His heart is full of expectation of a new life in the city of Tokyo, a vast contrast to the countryside that he grew up in. As he begins to settle into his new life, he encounters fresh faces in the student council president, Ayumi, and an underclassman who admires her, Kuon. What Touki was not expecting was to converge paths with Saya, his childhood friend from a few years ago, who he hadn’t talked to since a certain incident. 

    To make matters more complicated, a mysterious transfer student arrives shortly after. She seems to loathe him immediately and Touki feels that he has met her somewhere before. 

    Within the chaos of the present and the mystery of the past that is chasing him, there is uncertainty in the air as he forges a path towards his future and his desire to connect with others.


    Game Information:
    ■ Game: Tokyo Re:Connect
    ■ Languages: English Subtitles/ English, Japanese Interface
    ■ Genre: ADV, Anime, Cute, Comedy, Drama, Slice of life, High School Student, Romance [Boy x Girl]
    ■ 3 Heroine Girls > 3 Endings
    ■ Control: Keyboard, Mouse, Touch Screen, Xbox 360, Xbox One Controller support.
    ■ Release date: Q4 2019
    ■ Platform: Steam (PC/MAC)/IOS/Android - All-Age - Commercial

    If you like our games, please follow and share. Have fun. Happy auditioning!

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold