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About AmyErrington

Hi my names Amy Errington. Im 23 years of age. My nationality is Australian. I am always learning new things as I go. I have been doing voice acting since 2016.  I love and enjoy working with other voice actors. Voice acting is a great passion of mine but also creating projects. I have voice acted in a lot of projects and have a good amount of experience. However i always believe there is more to learn and i do have a great deal of more learning to do.

If you think my voice would help your project or it is what you are looking for you are welcomed to send me a message. 

I also make my own projects and i'm currently working on Holiday Of Darkness.

Thank you for reading and I look forward to working with you all! :)

  • @sherib143

    Amy was a pleasure to work with. She has been in more than one project of mine and she is amazing every single time. She is quick in returning lines, communication is always great, and she does a phenomenal job! I cannot wait to work with her again in the future!

  • @deleted192375

    An extremely talented person who knows what she wants and how she wants it done. I had a hiccup in my audio, and she was extremely patient with me. She gave me the extra time I need to get my audio fixed up. I enjoyed working for her and you will too. If she makes another project, you better believe that I’ll audition and work for her once more.

  • @gary-sue

    Working with Amy was as pleasant as working with any VA should be. She communicated as anyone should whenever necessary, and cooperated both with her delivery being on time and her willingness to fix any mistakes I spotted along the way. For her lines, the delivery was spot on and there was no need to edit the audio files at all. Good quality, both in the microphone and the delivery, I'd love to work with her again in the future, should something come up.

  • @lachlan_megatrio

    Amazing! I work with her on a Fairy Tail abridged project and she plays Romeo! Her ability to do a boyish voice while also coming out with the odd wording of the script, along with the snobbish intent of Romeo is excellent! She also very kindly filled in a female extra role, despite that not being what she was cast for, and did great with the line. She's punctual and very clearly sets out the lines when she delivers her audio. I'd highly recommend her - 10/10

  • @simtvofficial

    AmyErrington voiced a character (Sandra) in my sims series Somnerum. Working with Amy was a pleasure. She was quick to respond as well as to deliver the lines. Also, any retakes that I have asked for were quickly delivered and weren't a problem for her. Communication was great as well. May I point, that her Australian accent can bring a little flavor to the project as well :) Highly recommend!

  • @ladierhias

    Amy Errington Voiced Chrissy Ashton on my project (Unsound Mind). She was extremely pleasant to work with. She is extremely good at expressing emotions, whether it's anger, grief, sadness, or happiness; she can do it all. She sent multiple takes to make sure she's delivering the lines correctly. Her delivery was flawless, with great audio quality, and most of all, you can really feel the character she's voicing. Amy is beyond talented, and I hope to work with her again in the future.