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    About REEL LIFE - A Series About a Filmmaker Trying to Revitalize His Career (Pilot) (REOPENED)


        James Greene has finally achieved his dream of becoming a filmmaker. He's living comfortably in Los Angeles, he's got his friends, he's always working on another film, and he's not even 30.

        While that seems all well and good, in reality James is a bit miserable. He's had little to no creative control over any of his films. He's always working with difficult crews and actors with poor attitudes. His work is only ever released on DVD, and each one has been more critically panned than the last.

        After another one of his films flops, James takes it upon himself to start from scratch on a new project; something where he will have more creative control that a studio will finance. And with only enough money to pay the rent for the next six months, James has to find inspiration, financing, and a paycheck soon while also reinvigorating and reviving his tattered career.

    Info for Potential VAs

    -You are not auditioning for just one video; you are auditioning for a series pilot. The current plan is five episodes for a single season, but with the intent of at least one or two more seasons following. All characters listed for audition here are for the first episode, and will be noted as being a recurring or main character appropriately. If you are cast in this pilot, I hope to maintain semi-regular contact with you during the creative process of Reel Life should the pilot go to series. This is to update you on the status of the project as well as avoid having to recast a role mid-season.

    -Please have a microphone of decent quality. No pops, hissing noises, or any sort of background noise that cannot be easily reduced or eliminated.

    Additional Notes

        I have been working on the story and characters of this show for about a year and a half now, and while visual assets and designs are limited and most aren't even finalized (hence the lack of project picture), rest assured that the focus has been on the substance of Reel Life rather than the visuals (for the most part).

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold