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Corey Hendricks

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Hey, I'm Corey. First of all thank you for checking out my profile!

Here's a little bit about me:

I'm an actor first. If one
doesn't believe themselves, how is the audience supposed to? To
emotionally connect with the audience and bring a truthful performance,
while just as importantly fulfilling your vision for your project with
your direction is my number one priority.

I'm based in British Columbia, Canada.

In addition to acting, I love to act, sing and make music, draw, and much more!

I'm always open to meet new people and talk voice acting. I try to bring my best performance to every project I get the wonderful opportunity to be involved in.

Wanna see what's going on in Corey's House? Here's my discord server!

Have a wonderful day!


  • @dr_bonehead

    Corey recently portrayed the main character in a project of mine, and (to put it lightly) he killed it! I was very impressed with the performance, especially during the most difficult part of the episode. He's an incredible actor and just an awesome guy! I look forward to working with him for many months/years to come.

  • @kitten2582


  • @fanficradio

    Corey has been voicing Prompto in our Final Fantasy XV projects and we have been impressed every single time. The recordings are done amazingly, with best quality and promptly. The performances are always spot on with little to no direction.

    Honestly have enjoyed every single moment working with Corey and know that you would too. Highly recommend Corey for your next project.