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About SweetPeaDG

Hello!! My name is Damaro Gough, aka SweetPeaDG<3
I also have a YouTube channel mainly focusing on Voiceover!

Discord: SweetPeaDG#6539

I do make my own scripts and original audio content as well as some comic dubs and other fan projects!

I'm always making projects to not only have fun but to also meet new talent on this website! Hope to hear from you guys!


Closing Credits - 2021

Voice Acting 101

Instructed by Deb Munro
  • @cashlinsnow

    SweetPeaDG provided her time, talent, and wonderful voice for Sonia (main role) in a project I produced. She was professional, took one-on-one directing very well, was accommodating, received review and revision instruction with a good attitude, and was more than willing to send in retakes when I asked for them. She is extremely talented and outperformed all my expectations! I also currently have the pleasure to be in a different project with her where we're both VA and listening to her performances there (and elsewhere) continues to be excellent. I hope she'll consider auditioning for projects I may produce in the future! I can say she's a VA you'd be lucky to have in your projects. She certainly knows what she's doing on a professional level!

  • @opalcomics-video

    SweetPea excels at the thing voice actors need the most, and that is the ability to take direction really well. I know I’m very picky with what I want in my project, and she would always do her best working with me. She is very easy to work with and super kind as well. She also has a really wide range. I look forward to working with her more in the future!