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  • @michellehvoices

    Eric was the first voice I heard in introduction to The Code mod we both voiced in, via the 'odd recording' and they couldn't have picked a better way to open it all up. His voice is one of those that really immerses you in the moment, makes you forget you're NOT playing an official Bethesda DLC. I was so blown away by my co-actor I had to give him props here. This is a professional-level talent here and I really hope it takes him places!

  • @thecode

    The Code was our first large project; Eric was extremely patient and understanding as we got organized. He handled a large workload timely, very smoothly, and with such great enthusiasm. On top of being very efficient, his talent has shown to be very flexible. He voiced two large roles, and each had their own unique tone and feel to them, while also sounding so full of life. All his takes were great, and his audio was very clear. We were thrilled to have him on this project and would absolutely recommend him. -- The Code Team