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Bluemouse's Previously Completed Works

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About Project: Tequila (Indie/Passion Short Film) (+18 Violence)

(WARNING: This project is intended for a mature audience (+18) featuring Intense Violence, Gore, and Language. This film is not meant to be taken seriously in a political and/or social context. It's meant to be enjoyed as an action-packed film about vigilantes vs. triads.)  



  • Project: Tequila is a B-movie/Tarantino-styled short film about a vigilante operation raiding a triad-owned office building from within. After a sudden act of revenge, the vigilantes prepare themselves to fight as a small triad army closes in to the office building.



  • Nina: The vigilante who is leading the raid of the triad office building. She is currently taken hostage by Draco, being brought over to his superior, Mr. Wang.
  • Kiyoko: Fellow vigilante who is currently undercover for Nina working as a secretary under Mr. Wang.
  • Draco: An ex-triad hitman. He plans to "resign" from the triad by betraying his superior, Mr. Wang.
  • Mr. Wang: The triad boss. He likes to keep reminding people that he's the wrong guy to mess with.
  • Mr. Dong: Commander of the small triad army who arrives at the building to kill the vigilantes. 
  • Logan: Fellow vigilante and getaway driver. He'll pick up everyone after it's all clear.
  • Detective Huang: Lead detective of triad and vigilante activity witnessing the aftermath of Nina and the vigilantes.
  • Detective Xu: Detective partner of Detective Adeline.
  • Chipper Man: A happy-go-lucky flashback guest star. He's a dead-man walking.


  • Applications will be open until Aug. 29th (unless an applicant is chosen early for the role).
  • Asian-American and Asian voice actors wanted!
    • Any Male voice actor can do "Chipper Man" role regardless of ethnicity.
  • Record yourself voicing the provided audition lines the best you can.
  • Include Discord or Email info for reliable contact.
  • Payment will be done through Venmo or Paypal.


  • Aiming to be complete at December 2020, but at most before the end of February 2021. 
    • There's no strict deadlines because this is a purely personal project with no one expecting me to finish this, but I prefer to finish this as soon as possible before I get pulled away from this project again.


  • To finish the voice acting part.
    • You'll be credited for Voice Acting in the completed film.
  • To finish this short film on my side.
  • I plan to submit this short film to festivals after completion. Festivals that focus on W.I.P, storyboard, & indie animated short films.


This project was started and left unfinished in 2018. You can see where I left it from the provided video. The work you see from the video will have a lot of scenes, SFX, and some voice acting work replaced, added, and/or updated for the final product. All music in the video is temp. music, and will be replaced.

This film was an ambitious final project for a student animation class, but due to a tragic emergency, I had to stop production under further notice. 

I've kept this project close to heart, and have been gathering new ideas on how to make this better. Now that I've recently graduated and finished an animated film selected by film festivals under my belt, I want to return to this project now. This film is a passion project to me because I like exploitative/Tarantino-styled storytelling, and it was an attempt to do something different.

The film focuses on animated violence, so the animation will be emphasized more over the story's quality. It's purposely written to be like B-movies/badly-translated kung fu films to fit into the small space for story: simple, campy, and vulgar. 

Color isn't planned to be implemented in this short film for simplicity reasons. The only colors that will appear are red blood and gray shading.

I can take care of the art and the animation, I just need help with the voice acting parts.

Thank you, and I hope you consider helping me in this passion project.

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