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Jakob117's Previously Completed Works

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    About Mason's Paradox (Casting)

    About The Show 

    While excavating an ancient Aztec city, Mason's mother and her archeology team find a mysterious key.  After she brings it home, her son Mason accidentally gets his hands on it and is suddenly warped to the strange and alien moon of Adrestia. A victim of circumstance, Mason suddenly finds himself caught in the middle of an ancient conspiracy in this chaotic new land. With his friends by his side, can he stop the destruction from spreading to Earth? Or will they be consumed by the darkness of an evil beyond human comprehension?

    Mason’s Paradox, our animated cartoon, is currently in pre-production. We have scripts up to Episode 8 and are working on releasing our first trailer. 



    Ways To Help The Show 

    The best way to support the show is by sharing our CCC online as well as our social media and Discord server. you can also support the show by donating to our patreon. We greatly need and appreciate sharing the show with your friends and followers.        


      Twitter    (for the show)


    Discord Link



    The Requirement

    -Audio quality must be good. No background, ambient, or room noise. XLR mic preferred, but USB mic acceptable if the quality is clean. Please audition using the SAME audio setup you would use if cast (i.e. do not audition in a professional studio if you plan to record the actual lines on a cell phone, or vice versa). Do not add effects to the audio, although equalization and noise reduction are acceptable.

    -Please read the lines as written. Do not state your name at the beginning of your recording (i.e. no slating). Please start with the first line.

    -You may record up to 3 takes per character, but please make each take consecutive (i.e. read lines 1-3, then read lines 1-3 again). 

    -Save your file as an.MP3 file, and name it CharacterName_YourName (i.e. Janet_BrittBlade). Please send each character audition as a separate MP3 file.

    -Please briefly describe your audio setup in your audition (i.e. what you would be recording on if you were cast). 

    -Remember this is a professional project with professional standards.

    Good luck!

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold