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    About Mason's Paradox(CASTING EPISODE 2)

    Mason's Paradox




    Created by Jacob Graham

    Show Synopsis:

    While excavating an ancient Mayan city, Ashley Heredia's archeology team finds a key. But when she brings it home, her son Mason gets his hands upon it and accidentally manages to activate it, transporting him to a strange planet quite unlike Earth. Conflicts arise, chaos ensues, and Mason finds himself caught in the middle of it all. Alongside his friends, can he stop the destruction from spreading, or will they get consumed by the darkness within?

    Don't Forget

    please read fully through the casting. We have many great opportunities for all different kinds of people from Voice actors to writers.

                                                              Discord Link                                                                                                          Social Media Links


              We Highly recommend you join the server to join our show and help            Twitter    (for the show)

              Share the show collectively to the world. This will also get you one step      Instagram 

         Closer to being prepared for casting since we use the server for production   (this are important ways to support the show.share this as much as possible)

    Info about the show

    Mason's Paradox is a dream project for me. I first started the concept back when in 2010 and now we are here in 2019 officially starting production of the career-defining creation. Everyone apart of this project is putting there blood, sweat, and tears into this project. they see this project for its beauty and see the futures it will bring to them. This is a Cartoon much like Star Vs the forces of evil and Gravity Falls in theme. We are doing a mixture of step by step hand-drawn animation as well as puppet animation for less action pact areas. We are currently in talks with a network to possibly get the project on their platform, but we are also looking into other outlets such as Netflix, Disney, Cartoon Network, etc. We are currently working on getting in contact with those companies and would appreciate any help given. We are dedicated to making this project as amazing as possible, we hope that you will help support us in any way possible.

    Other Additional information 

    The Project will have as Discord for the cast to talk and help grow the project. We have money for the project but donations will help grow the project. Donates will be accepted if offered and I will be setting up a go fund me online for the project. All the donations will be used to build up the show and to give bonuses to the cast for hard work. We will be setting up a website as well as a YouTube channel to show some trailers for fans and investors. We post daily on Twitter and discord. The project is planned to be rated PG- 13.

                                                                           Calendar                                                                                                          List of characters in the first Season

             We have finished Episode 1 storyboard. we are working on gaining more skilled                     Mason Heredia Cast by Taurtis (real name private)

             animators for episode 1. We have started process on making a teaser trailer. this                  Lilo Asher Cast by Nyxira (real name private)

             will be posted on YouTube and other outlets. We will be using this to track how the        Tripp Crowden Cast by FearRaiser (real name private)

             show popularity is processing. We plan on releasing the teaser sometime in the                     Ashley Heredia Cast by Nola Gina

             first quarter of 2020. We do not plan on releasing the show to the general public until          Rah'Nesh  Cast by Pinchy (real name private)

             we finish the full first season. We do plan to let people buy each episode and our high tier   The King   Cast by Zabari (real name private)

             patrons will be granted access. We will use these funds to help upgrade the quality.              Nova                      Not cast yet

             at this time we will be pitching our show to Disney and Cartoon Network as well as                Tikko                      Not cast yet

             Various other networks. For our high level investors we have a full calendar while            Lead Arch Cast by Andrews voices (real name private)

             records of all due dates. We plan on having the whole first season completed by 2024.           Arch 1  Cast by Oddree (real name private)                                                    

                                                                  Donation Links                                                                                             Arch 2   Cast by Amelia Rika

                                 Patreon                                                       Arch 3   Cast by Christian O' Boyle

                                 Gofundme                                                                                                                                       GateKeeper                  Not cast yet

                                                               Requirement                                                                                                    Bully 1                            Not cast yet

                                 please have a good quality. make sure you will                                                                   Bully 2                          Not cast yet

                                 have free time to do your lines and advertise                                                                      Bully 3                          Not cast yet

                                 for up to 4 years or more if you character is in                                                                    Jim Heredia                Not cast yet

                                   seasons. please be willing to be active and                                                                        Zarten                         Not cast yet

                                   respond to the director and cast members.                                                                        Adestrian Guard 1    Not cast yet

                                                   Ways to help the show                                                                                              Adestrian Guard 2   Not cast                                                                                                                                                                          

                                   the best way to support the show is by                                                                                Adestrian Guard 3   Not cast yet

                       sharing our CCC online as well as our social medias                                                                                                                  

                                 and discord server. you can also support 

                          the show by donating to our patreon. We greatly 

                                       need and appreciate you sharing

                                  the show to your friends and followers                                                           215 more roles will be added over the next few years

    The project will be casting people from animo, CCC, and various other talent sites. Everyone will have equal opportunities to be cast no matter who they are. no one will be discriminated against. This show will have people from all walks of life including but not limited to all different races, LGBTQ+ , people of different cultures. no one will be seen any lesser based off of who they are. 

    Jacob Graham owns all rights to names, Characters, story, concepts, and artwork. this is under trademark law. Please give proper credit if you are posting anything about the project. in the event anything is stolen and used to make a show without talking to the creator legal action will be filed

    Thank you for your time and we are highly grateful for all the auditions and help we receive.

    We wish everyone luck on their auditions and we cant wait to bring this to life and show the hard work everyone has and will be putting into this

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold