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Jakob117's Previously Completed Works

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    About Mason's Paradox

    Show Synopsis:

    While excavating an ancient Mayan city, Ashley Heredia's archeology team finds a key. But when she brings it home, her son Mason gets his hands upon it and accidentally manages to activate it, transporting him to a strange planet quite unlike Earth. Conflicts arise, chaos ensues, and Mason finds himself caught in the middle of it all. Alongside his friends, can he stop the destruction from spreading, or will they get consumed by the darkness within?

                         Extra note: please read

    Don't forget to look completely through 

    all the castings. There are many opportunities for 

    all different kinds of people from Main and Minor VAs 

    to Social media runners.

    LINK is for the discord (on here twice)

    Info about the show

    Mason's Paradox is a dream project for me. I first started the concept back when in 2010 and now we are here in 2019 officially starting production of the career-defining creation. Everyone apart of this project is putting there blood, sweat, and tears into this project. they see this project for its beauty and see the futures it will bring to them. This is a Cartoon much like Star Vs the forces of evil and Gravity Falls in theme. We are doing a mixture of step by step hand-drawn animation as well as puppet animation for less action pact areas. We are currently in talks with a network to possibly get the project on their platform, but we are also looking into other outlets such as Netflix, Disney, Cartoon Network, etc. We are currently working on getting in contact with those companies and would appreciate any help given. We are dedicated to making this project as amazing as possible, we hope that you will help support us in any way possible.

    Social Media

    Other Additional information 

    The Project will have as Discord for the cast to talk and help grow the project. We have money for the project but donations will help grow the project. Donates will be accepted if offered and I will be setting up a go fund me online for the project. All the donations will be used to build up the show and to give bonuses to the cast for hard work. We will be setting up a website as well as a youtube channel to show some trailers for fans and investors. We post daily on Twitter and discord. The project is planned to be rated t. 

    Donation Links

     [Donations for Project|

    Link 2

    Link 3 Kickstarter 



    We plan on starting the episode story board June 1st. that will take roughly 3 weeks. once that is done we will start the animation process which will take anywhere from 1 to 3 months depending on the episode. the script is planned to be done by September 1st. All storyboards should be done by December 1st. Lastly, Animation should be all done hopefully by August 2020. Once all of that is done we will have various marketing firms show case the project to outlets and make some test screenings to see if the idea is enjoyed. While all of this is happening we will be looking around to get any chances to pitch the project. If you are apart of a company and would like to submit intrest in contacting me about the show please email me @ [redacted] with the letter header or subject being called networking. I will do some research to make sure this is a real request and not any trolling. you can also contact me through Twitter for a much faster response.

    A list of all Characters- so far

    1. Mason Heredia-Main character
    2. Lilo Asher- Leading character
    3. Tripp Crowden-Leading character
    4. Mason's Mum(Ashily)-Supporting Character
    5. Creature King- Leading Villan
    6. Osoreru-Main Villan
    7. NovaSupporting Villan
    8. Lead Arch- Supporting Character
    9. 32 side/extra characters so far.

    The project will be casting people from animo, CCC, and various other talent sites. Everyone will have equal opportunities to be cast no matter who they are.

    Jacob Graham owns all rights to names, Characters, story, concepts, and artwork. this is under trademark law. Please give proper credit if you are posting anything about the project. in the event anything is stolen and used to make a show without talking to the creator legal action will be filed

    Thank you for your time and we are highly grateful for all the auditions and help we receive.

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold