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About imegin77

Actress/Voice Talent-Commercial, Narration, Animation

I have done several films in my local community as well as voice acting projects. I am a part of several different audio dramas and have enjoyed voice acting ever since. I have done some commercial voice work as well as voice narration for local films, cartoons and original works. I am available for your voice needs for eLearning Courses, animations, commercials, audio books, etc. with competitive rates available for all markets.

Union / Non-Union / Fi-Core  

Vocal Service Offered
-radio and television commercials
-travelogues, films, videos, multi-media applications
-automated telephone systems
-video games
-narrations fro eLearning, audiobooks

Vocal Attributes
- corporate educated voice
- great for kids
- gentle, mom voice
- trusting voice
- rasp as needed

Relevant Skills
- acting background
- read Spanish dialect
- production background

  • @phantasmal-bard-studios

    She performed wonderfully as the mage hunter in the linked project. She gave me multiple takes of each line for variety and she was quick with responding to messages. She turned in her lines early and was a delight to collaborate with. Definitely recommend her!