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About Extra Voices Needed for SoulShift Anime-Style YouTube Series

DISCLAIMER: This show contains mature themes, cursing, etc. Make sure you're down with that before auditioning.

Also: I'll be gradually updating the roles with portraits, it's just that there is a lot I have to design, and I'm pretty busy right now. I'm also working on a teaser right now and will post it here if I finish it before the deadline. New roles may be added as well.

   So I'm now commencing phase 2 of the casting process. I've picked the main cast for the series, so now I'm getting supporting roles and production team members for SoulShift. Full disclosure right now, this series is starting COMPLETELY from scratch in terms of popularity/traction, meaning it'll be posted on a brand new YouTube channel with 0 subscribers and everything. I have an old YouTube channel with 250 subscribers that houses my last (terrible) series, but that place is dead with probably no active followers left. Anyway, because of this, all the spots here are unpaid, so I want to make that clear from the get-go. I'm looking for people who will willingly and knowingly work for free right now. I'm asking for you to at least help until Part 1 of Season 1 is finished (12 episodes in Part 1). Here's a link to the first casting call: https://www.castingcall.club/projects/soulshift-animated-youtube-series 

   SoulShift is an animated action/drama based in Sinpride, a massive floating city-state. The series focuses on Kyo Kitsuno, a sixteen-year-old high schooler who's lost interest in everything. He's pessimistic and rude to almost everyone and isn't interested in his future in the slightest. His mother is a depressed alcoholic after his father died on the job. Kyo's life changes when he discovers his power: Soul Shift. With this power, he is able to create a person or a Soul with just his mind. What led him to discover this power was when he accidentally created Mikou Akime, his vision of the perfect girlfriend. SoulShift isn't the only Shift power out there, as Kyo and Mikou meet various individuals with different abilities, such as Endus Yumi, Risuki Hisukawa, Nakaraya Sudama, Titania Scarlet, and Syca Jewel.

   In addition to voice actors, there are other roles available. This will be a long ongoing project, so I hope you have a lot of patience. More roles and information will come out when I can post, meaning the deadline you see here will keep being extended, so don't worry, you have time. I'm taking a big risk with this project since it may or may not even get that many views, but the important thing is that I tried. If you're willing to take the risk and put in your all, this project is for you.

   You MUST have Discord, so you can join the production server I'm going to start. If I decide to pick you, I'll send you my Discord so we can add each other. The server's main purpose is to establish chemistry with everyone on the team, so voice acting sounds more natural and production has proper communication. If you're shy, now's your chance to break out of your shell.

SoulShift Lore

   If you're a guy or gal who likes to do their homework, I respect that. Can't relate, but I still respect that. This lore section will be divided into sections so everything you need to know is nice and organized.


   There are various sections within Sinpride. The first is Monet, the entertainment/financial district. Malls, shops, restaurants, movie theaters, supermarkets, hospitals, electronics stores, you name it, Monet's got it. The next is Indus Prima, the industrial district. Full of factories. New Fiona is the residential district in Sinpride. This is where 99% of the population resides. Tons of houses, apartment buildings, and mansions. The last section is Old Fiona, the previous residential district abandoned about a century before the events of the show. Old Fiona was evacuated due to unknown causes until a group of researchers recently attempted to see if it was inhabitable again. 19 out of 20 disappeared, including Kyo's dad.


   There are many educational facilities located in Sinpride, but the show will only focus on a few. One of them is Catalyst Academy, an average high school that the protagonists attend. Its student body is the worst quality about it, but I'll show that in the show. Another academy in Sinpride is Titan Academy, one of the most prestigious schools in the state. The Scarlets own this school. A school year in Sinpride starts in January and is split into three semesters. It is also year-round. For grade levels, it goes like this:

  • Pre-Ed: 3 years long, ages 6 to 8
  • Elementary school: 1st to 4th grade, ages 9 to 12
  • Middle school: 5th to 7th grade, ages 13 to 15
  • High school: 8th to 10th grade, ages 16 to 18
  • University: 4 years normally

Shift Powers and Demons

   I don't wanna spoil too much here, so I'll only explain the basics. Shift powers are the abilities to shift reality in some way. A Shift wielder can change/create things like emotions, weapons, time, mass, etc. Where these powers came from is a secret, though (sry). In this world, there are four things that humans can't manipulate or tame: Love, Hate, Life, and Death. Creatures called Demons are attracted to these things. There are individuals who monitor these things, who we call The Four Administrators of Humanity. Demons are blind and are almost deaf, but their scent is above all their other senses. Demons were recognized but humanity centuries before the present in the show but disappeared, so humans now just see them as ancient news, and some even want to believe that they are still out there somewhere...


  • The present in the show is the year 1012. 
  • Kyo's father disappeared in 1009.
  • Old Fiona was evacuated in 914.
  • As far as advancements go, this world is the same technology-wise.

Voice Actors: READ HERE

NOTE: I will be double-casting all roles marked MINOR. This is to cut down the number of cast members, plus minor characters don't have that many lines. So here's how things will go:

  1. If you audition for a supporting and a minor and I pick you, you'll either JUST get the supporting character, or you'll be asked if you want both (would be more lines for you if you were to get 2 minor roles)
  2. If you audition for 2 or more minor roles and I like at least 2, you'll get 2 parts.
  3. If you only audition for 1 minor role or if I only consider you for 1 minor role, you'll be less likely to get on the cast (sorry if this is confusing).
  4. I'm single-casting extras, but if you want to voice extras AND be a minor/supporting character, leave a comment on your audition (if that is the case then try to have more range so the characters don't sound too similar).
  • Please have a decent mic (meaning little to no background noise and clear audio).
  • Now I'm no age-ist, but I'd prefer if you were at least a teenager if you're planning to audition, especially with the mature themes the series will have. 
  • Be nice (Especially to the other VA's, can't have a stable team if the members hate each other, ya know?)

About the Creator: JustinoughProductions

Just a guy wanting to become a filmmaker one day.

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