Yoho! I talk dramatically to myself and a microphone for a living, and that is, to a degree, my entire personality (the rest of myself is just busy screaming because the script told me to). :))

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About vanity

Meet Vanity!

Residing in the U.S, Vanity is an Asian-American, semi-professional voice actor and vocalist. It could probably be believed that this girl's entire thriving personality is based on the performing arts alone.

Vanity's voice is capable of expressing a variety of personalities (seeing—in this case hearing—is believing, so feel free to witness for yourself, this extraordinary range, through her auditions and demo reel)!

Vanity always loves a good opportunity to challenge herself, claiming that her favorite characters to play are usually the ones that come in unique and are not the usual stock-written protagonist following the same journey. So, don't fear the "what ifs" of Vanity's limits and capabilities, and reach out with a role for her to take on!

Got an awesome song, but require an awesome voice to sing it? Have no fear, Vanity is here! Even her neighbors know that she's living in a life-long musical! Give this vocalist another reason to keep on singing, and witness what her hidden instrument can do through the samples uploaded on auditions and demo reels.

Every good performer deserves a little break from the whole screaming-in-the-mic-and-wowing-the-crowd gig, right?
Vanity has most of her day filled up with studying, but when she does find the time to decompress, she finds joy in reading manhwas/mangas/manhuas or good ol' fashioned books, watching anime and KDramas, partaking in digital art, or even doing something as simple as playing games such as Genshin Impact, Minecraft, League of Legends, Roblox, and even Jackbox with her friends.

See yourself reaching out? Check under the "Pricing" section!

- 2021

Rachael Messer 6 Week VO Bootcamp

Instructed by Rachael Messer
- 2021

VO Classes with Corina Boettger

Instructed by Corina Boettger

Voice Acting:

Per line: $3.00

Per Word: $0.35


Per Minute: $10
Per 30 seconds: $5

(Necessary amount of retakes will not cost extra)

What vanity is looking for

For any and every project, I do request that proper credit falls under my name.

Due to scheduling, I will rarely accept volunteer requests unless I have gone out of my way to search and audition, however if you have a project that looks like something that would pique my interest, let me know! I am always intrigued by original animations and video games that I may work around my schedule for. And even if the project is tough when it comes down to budget and pricing. Don't be afraid to reach out!

Include the following if you plan on reaching out with a role:

- The role's significance (lead/supporting/minor/extra)

-  A detailed overview of your project; please include the progress of scripts, the length of the term for the project, and anything that needs to be brought to my attention before working with you.

-  Details of the character's personality, age, and preferred voice; if you have a voice in mind from my auditions or demo reel, please bring that to my attention

- If available, please provide examples of your work to act as credibility over work quality and project-completion reliability (whether it be previous projects, videos, a channel, etc.)

If you see yourself reaching out with an opportunity, please do so through my CCC PM or email me (nvstolgia@gmail,com) and not through my DISCORD!

Recommendations are always appreciated!

  • @lachlan_megatrio

    Amazing! We work together on a Fairy Tail abridged project and she plays Lucy - she does the voice work amazingly! I adore her delivery of the lines, able to perfectly take over from the previous voice actor and keep the same energy! Seamless, and stunning! She's also got the sweetest personality, being very friendly! She's very punctual and absolutely darling to work with! Without fail, I'd recommend her every time!

  • @sonicfigures

    I'm in a discord server with this voice actor and her voice work is amazing! She does an extremely impressive Amy Rose and Tails impression. I've also taken a listen to her MLP impressions and a majority of them sound spot-on. She's understandably not very active in the server, but turns in her lines and replies quickly to pings. I'm not in charge of the project nor am apart of it, I'm just a fan, but her voice really caught my attention. Her quick reactions and replies really show that she is passionate, attentive, and hard working. She is also very kind.

  • @applre

    An excellent talent, director, and always a pleasure to work with! I look forward to seeing more of her in the future!

  • @deleted333550

    I really enjoyed working with her. And although I don't know much about her, nor did we work together long, I got a VERY positive impression. She seems like a mature, sweet, passionate person in general. Her voice is so beautiful, and she is an amazing actor. I can't wait to work with her in the future. I also look forward to watching projects she's in.

  • @wizgamingxd

    I only just met her a few days ago, but even in that short amount of time, Nvstolgia has demonstrated that she is approachable, talented, and responsible. I'd definitely advise hiring her if you see her audition for your project!

  • @bna_va

    nvstolgia is.. QUEEN! Not only she can do many impressions, but also is just naturally great at VA:) Great mic, emotion, hardworking or just anything you would want to hear from a VA! She's also a kind and cool person to vibe and work with:) SO STAN AND CAST HER:0000

  • @typical-tami

    Nvstalgia is soooo talented I can't even write everything in here! First off she's super talented and always a joy to be around. She's one of my va friends now and is JUST SO TALENTED I CAN'T- Let me just save you the trouble by telling you to cast nvstolgia you most certainly won't regret it!!

  • @kazumistories

    Oh my word... where to begin..? nvstolgia is an astonishing voice actress! Her voice range is unbelievable, and she can provide such a variety of different voices! You will not regret hiring her! Her lines are flawless and audio is top notch. I have have not directly worked with her as of now, but I've seen her around, and she is such a blast to be around! If she comes around to audition for you, do not hesitate to hire her! I highly recommend this talented voice actress for your project. You will NOT regret it!

  • @probably-sea

    this va is very pog

  • @ddlcfandev

    I cast nvstolgia on Instagram for a DDLC fan-game as Natsuki. Her voice is very cute and fits my headcannon for Natsuki's tsundere voice perfectly! She communicates well, notifies on small details, sends her lines in very quickly, and does not fail to miss a deadline. I have had no problem working with her and don't expect to run into any.

  • @deleted296639

    Can I just say,,, Nvstolgia's range is out of this world!
    She has an amazing voice and she's definitely one of my favourite VAs on this website (ノ´ヮ`)ノ*: ・゚
    She's super nice and cool, overall an amazing person in all aspects! I feel lucky to have met her, she's without a doubt just brilliant and i love her :3
    1000/10, just yes (๑˃ᴗ˂)ﻭ

  • @supermc-adeley

    Nvstolgia is a sweet,passionate,& an amazing VA to work with! (Even though I've only worked with her in 2 projects) When I first stumbled on to her page I was shocked on how many amazing impressions she could do! Her vocal range completely blew my mind as well! I look foward with working with her in the future <3

  • @shaymin13

    Alright... Where to begin with nvstolgia? Really, there are plenty of reasons on why you should cast her! She's extremely talented and her impressions are FLAWLESS. They sound so realistic that I'm literally left speechless and want to hear more of her capabilities! Not only that, she has an INSANE range of voices! Seriously, you could cast her as every single one of your characters, and no one would be able to tell they're all voiced by the same person! She's super sweet and has a great personality. I ensure that you will enjoy her as part of your team, and I highly recommend having her play a part in one of your projects! Casting nvstolgia is a definite no brainer!

  • @deleted385240

    Okay I just have to say, WOW! Nvstolgia is absolutely amazing. She can practically voice any character and the one she voices for me is stunning! I love working with her and definitely recommend!

  • @janick

    A phenomenal voice actor! She's the voice of Tails in my series, "Sonic Action Adventure", and was very expressive with her lines. Crazy thing is, we're only one episode in. That's how confident I am in her skills as a voice actor! Honestly, I am honored to have her on the series. If you're still hesitating to cast nostalgia, stop it. Listen to her demo reel and all of your doubts will disappear.

  • @deleted413568

    It's no wonder this girl has so many recommendations... her voice work is amazing, she's very polite, and does redos right away when you ask for them. She even does extra redos sometimes! It's a pleasure to work with her, and I look forward to working with her more in the future!

  • @mollexi

    Oof where do I even begin? Honestly, I'm so honoured to have such a talented and wonderful VA working on my project. She is never afraid to go above and beyond for the character she portrays. As well as being a freaking fantastic VA, she is also a lovely person and I can't stress this enough, I highly HIGHLY recommend Nvstolgia! <3

  • @deleted362158

    Nvstolgia is extremely talented, her voice acting never fails to amaze me. Every GLMM, GCS, or even just auditions will blow me away because of how good they are, like PLEASE LEND ME SOME TALENT!! Not to mention she's funny, friendly, and just overall a sweetheart!!
    And even after all I said about voice acting, her art and singing is phenomenal! CAST HEERRRR

  • @kazamacat

    nvstolgia played Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, and Smolder for my audiobook project on the first arc of my My Little Pony fanfic, The Master Mev. I will note that Fluttershy was actually a different actor at first, but nvstolgia was quick to accept and fill in quite nicely when that didn't work out.

    I was super impressed with her Smolder audition and considered it the most perfect out of all the auditions I got for this project.

    She was a great Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy too. I was glad to work with her, and I recommend her voice acting talent.

  • @thetvbunny

    As a client, I was really happy with what I got and she clued me in on anything I needed to know and alerted me on delays for the recordings. She was also a joy to work with and the work is well beyond the price she wanted and did two takes for only four dollars, there were only four lines. Even with that, she also gave me two voices to choose from which was uncalled for but great overall. I wish to work with her on bigger projects and give her more money. I do recommend passing off some money or even if she just auditions, give the role over.