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About Brittanie Arwen

Hi! I'm Brittanie Arwen. 
I have a couple years of experience in theatre, improv, and film acting and just over a year of experience in animation (pre-lay and ADR) and video games.  I started my acting journey with the intention doing film and TV, but I've found that my heart and joy is in animation and the endless possibilities that lie behind the microphone. Now I can't get enough of it! 

Timezone: MDT / MST / MT (North American)

Closing Credits - 2021

Voice Acting 101

Instructed by John Wang
Closing Credits - 2021

Voice Acting 201

Instructed by Brendan Hunter
Closing Credits - 2021

Voice Acting 301

Instructed by John Wang
Closing Credits - 2022

Authentic Commercial Voiceover

Instructed by Dave Bisson
Closing Credits - 2023

Audio Engineering for Voice Over

Instructed by Tony Wijs
  • @vaxla

    After getting the role, Brittanie got back to me as soon as she could, giving me several options on delivery (never seen anyone do this, and it is very useful).
    Delivery was fast and professional. She sent different versions with different tones and emotions. It couldn't have been a smoother collaboration, I really appreciate it!
    Could only recommend!

  • @habefastro-scribe

    Brittanie Arwen is Brilliant. Her Delivery is always smooth and easy to understand with her spot on annunciations.
    Brittanie has a great deal of Professionalism about her. Recording via studio and dedicating her time to Voice Acting. She also carries her professionalism when it comes to strategy in how to work on the project. She is very fair and easy to work with. The points she brings to the table are most definitely assured to be for the better of the project.
    I feel that Brittanie is exceptionally generous in her willingness to give a small operation like me a chance. Working with her was such a blessing. She works hard and gives more than she is asked for.
    Casting Brittanie Arwen is one of the best decisions you could make. She has Triple A level caliber. She brings star power to any project!

  • @a_fxune789

    Brittanie is brilliant! I received amazing work from her and she always delivers her lines very smoothly. She is very kind and nice to work with! I'm absolutely astonished with the work I've received from her!

  • @rob-men-studios

    Brittanie did an amazing job with the lines! She responded very quickly and managed to send the lines super fast as well. Felt very professional working with her. Definitely happy with the results and recommend her!

  • @applre

    Brittanie perfected Hinae Hibajiri in my FLCL: Progressive Fandub project. With multiple excellent takes, she delivered her lines on time and with such passion. I honestly could have seen her being the official voice actor. Outside of voice acting, she’s kind and supportive of everyone, and always gives everyone praise. Truly a fantastic person, and I hope to work with her many more times in the future!

  • @jm-animation

    I was new to this community and Brittanie gave me a kind welcome and her performance as Darkness for my Stop Motion is very SOLID!! She's basically a pro with a wonderful personality, so yeah, of course I'd recommend her, she's the best! ♥️💯

  • @arete

    Brittanie provided the voice for "Enma" in "The Sinister Sisters" episode one. As the project lead, and the person who wrote the script, I can definitely say she delivered her lines almost exactly how I envisioned.

    As for working with her, she provided the voice lines promptly and stayed very much engaged with the project. No complaints, would definitely recommend her talents to anyone looking for quality work.

  • @jamiekyaw

    Brittanie is a great voice actor who was happy to volunteer for my project. She records the lines with multiple takes and sends them days before the deadline! Definitely, an amazing voice actor to work with, and it was a pleasure working with Brittanie. I hope to work with her again sometime in the future.

  • @terry-tibke

    What can I say about Brittanie? She has such an enthusiasm and professionalism—and a growth mindset that keeps her elevating herself all the time. And I’ve never heard anyone laugh so much in my life. It’s catching. I picked her up for Armageddon: Black Dawn as the character of Sinfa Songbird—a tough, brilliant, but ‘look out for others’ kinda girl. She fit the role perfectly, and carried the weight of it like a champ. She has great female mid-tones, and consistently provides a great emotional range of takes for every line. Fantastic to work with. You won’t be disappointed.