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I am a 29 year old performer in Florida, taking my years of professional experience from theme park entertainment to the Voice Acting scene. While dancing, acting, and puppeteering, I have always admired and aspired to hone this skill.

Although I may not currently have a demo available, feel free to listen to any of my past auditions or check out the TikTok challenges I've participated in here:

**NOT currently taking any NON-PAYING roles outside of projects I'm already involved in**

  • @ynstbih

    I am honored to have worked with Alexxandra. She is a well of talent, has perfect sound quality, gets into character as if they were herself and finish lines way ahead of scheduled with absolutely no errors.
    Working with a flawless artist such as herself was a joy and I hope to work with her again.

  • @ves_official

    She was great! I barely had to give her any direction, and she sent in her lines super quickly, would love to work with her again!

  • @joshuaspectorva

    Alexxandra is quick, efficient, and very talented! She delivered her lines well ahead of schedule and required no further direction after delivery. She is such a pleasant person to work with - I would certainly recommend her for any project and look forward to working with her again!

  • @connorkopko

    Alexxandra has a fantastic voice! Highly recommended, sent all three takes as one file, and quickly did retakes that I asked for! I could not recommend her more, especially speed with which she turns in her lines. I wish great things for her, and hope to work together again soon!

  • @deleted6059

    Couldn't recommend her enough! Great range, enthusiastic! Very kind and easy to work with.

  • @cu-na-saoirse

    AlexxandraMacedo, honestly, I don't even remember where we picked her up from. It definitely wasn't the CCC, and when I found her profile by complete accident I just knew that I had to stop and say something.

    She joined our team not as a rookie but as a veteran and a professional during a time when major reforms were happening within the staffing structure of the team as well as while it was stagnating from a recent gap between work. During that time she volunteered to aid in voicing in our team's partnered project, which I will have linked below as proof of her work. At the time, I had no real record of her voice work and so only went off her word that she was excellent. When she joined our partnered project's team and immediately volunteered for SEVERAL different characters at once, I was impressed by her initiative. Then, later on, the partnered project leader contacted me praising her exponentially for the work she put in.

    To add to that, I'm also a member of a community of VAs and writers on Discord who, when she joined my team and then subsequently joined that community as well, spoke nothing of praise to AlexxandraMacedo when she volunteered for their projects. I noticed, myself personally, AT LEAST five different instances where she volunteered, and days later received nothing but public praise on the very same discord server.

    Then, I finally heard her voice. Her work. And by the Lord, it was excellent. Very professional and very clean. For a time after she simply did small characters for the partnered project, even going so far as to voice the ENTIRE female gender of race of aliens (them being the Tusken Raiders from Star Wars) with ease, excellence, and impressive innovation. Not only that, but she provided her assigned work WITHIN the week it was given. Not many VAs I've come across have done that.

    Then? Even better! My reforms in the staffing structure were finally built and applied, and when I asked for volunteers from her department to step up and become, not only my left hand on the server, but also one of my trusted advisors and confidants on the team, she volunteered almost immediately. She has been my left hand for about four months now. During that time, she has consistently done both her VA work on the team and her administrative duties on the team with very little hinderance to the workload.

    To put it simply, AlexxandraMacedo is not only someone I can trust, but also rely on when work needs done, either administrative, voice work, or simple day-to-day tasks on the team. She can work independently, she can work with guidance, and she can balance everything with the type of ease I wish I grew up with. I can definitely say, without a shadow of a doubt, that her skills as a voice actor do not disappoint, and neither does her professional work ethic, attitude, and conduct. If she was to audition for my team again, I would definitely take her without a second thought.

  • @deleted296738

    Alexx is a star performer! I've cast her in many roles in my adaptation of Jane Eyre and a role in Phobias Unlimited. I look forward to working with her again because she always sends me quality work in a timely manner and is a super sweet person! Highly recommend!

  • @carabyte

    Alexx performed in a supporting role for my audio drama. She's an incredibly talented individual that I've been lucky to have worked with in the past. She filled in a role last second when the original actress dropped out, and she took the role in stride. I appreciate everything she did for my project on such short notice. Couldn't recommend her more.

  • @eastmouth

    Alexxandra is a fantastic voice actor with the skill to play an extremely diverse set of characters. She plays/played Edna, Lucy, and Marilyn on my show Eastmouth. Despite playing three characters, she sold each of them extremely well as individuals with different voices and quirks.

    Alexxandra always delivers her lines on time and is open for any additional requests if needed. I would strongly recommend her for any project.

  • @elf22

    We hired Alexxandra to be our lead for one of our ongoing productions which called for a very specific accent which she nailed in her audition.

    Wow!  Alexxandra really took ownership of the character and delivered an incredible and poignant performance that truly brought the character to life as she was written.  Flawless execution with no retakes required!

    In addition, Alexxandra
    required little to no direction or intervention from us during her recording and delivered her lines well within the constraints of our deadlines.  

    I would HIGHLY recommend Alexxandra for you voice over needs, and we look forward to working with her again!