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About Persona 5: Valentine's Day Confessions!

Hello everyone ~! Rainbowchu3 here.

So to basically explain what this Casting Call is for exactly.

I'm a very small animator on youtube and I've been wanting to do try doing a larger animation for both practice and fun ~ ( I'll link an actual animated thing I'm working on in previous projects once I finish it ) And I thought! Why don't I try animating the Persona 5 characters confessing or saying "Happy Valentine's Day" to the viewers for Valentine's Day in 2019! Sorta something like Fire Emblem. But to fully make this great, I'll need voice actors for this!

If I'm able to earn money, I'll try to give all VAs casted at least $5. I wish I could find a way to give more, but I don't exactly have a proper job. I do my best to take commissions!! Though, if you'd like to donate to this, feel free to donate to my paypal ! My email is [rainbow5225653 @ gmail.com] or find my commission info on patreon > https://www.patreon.com/Rainbowchu3 < ( Haha selF PROMOTION pls commission me )

For the boys, I'll be adding my own small headcanons for them since they don't have any canon date scenes ( ThougH THEY SHOULD SMH )

Now! Onto the rules and small notes because what's a Casting Call without em? ~

1. Please please I beg have a clear mic. I know this is a rule pretty much everywhere but I'd like to say it anyways. Of course, I'm not expecting professional cripsy clear quality, but just enough where it doesn't sound like you're recording while sitting in a box. It's no problem if it's a small bit of background noise. I can do my best to edit it out when you send me your recordings.

2. Please have a discord! It's the platform which I use the most, so I'll be making a server for all the VAs to gather. It would also help a lot if you could add your discord tag to your audition so I can contact you immediately for questions or if you get casted. If you're unable to make a discord or don't want to make one, I have a ton of other social medias we could use to keep in contact.

3. Feel free to also add a small introduction in your audition ~! It would be awesome to hear the difference between your original and your voice acted voice. It's also a good way for me to get a lil more familiar with you.

4. Voice references are added to all the characters incase needed, but you don't have to sound exactly the same as the original. Feel free to try and express it in your own way if you'd like. Again, I'm not looking for professionals at all pfff. I just want this to be a fun thing.

 5. Anyone is free to audition for anyone!! Heck, you might be able to land the roles of two characters if you're lucky and good enough.

6. All voice lines given are not guaranteed to be the same as the ones in the ending product for I'd also like to talk to the VAs and others for line suggestions. Feel free to drop some of your own if you think of any that fits the characters! Like, "You're as delicious as a pancake " or somethingnhngbgnds. Wow, I wonder who would be the one saying that :thinking:

7. Last, to anyone auditioning, just have fun !! Really, I hope I'll be able to finish this in time for Valentine's Day so haha, I'm sorry if I end up wasting anyone's time. 

If you're interested in auditioning but aren't interested in getting a casting call, feel free to send me your audition on discord. My tag is Rainbowchu3#2152

Not sure what else to say now so..... if you have any other Casting Calls your auditioning for, I'm wishing you the best of luck!!! You can do this!!! >w<

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold