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Pokejedservo's Production Credits
About Marvel True Believers X-Men and Spider-Man Origins

Marvel True
Believers X-Men & Spider-Man Origins


Ladies and Gentlemen, in this Casting Call we shall be doing
audio plays of 4 Classic Marvel Comic stories (and 1 recent one) namely…


X-Men Issue 1- http://marvel.wikia.com/wiki/X-Men_Vol_1_1

Giant-Size X-Men Issue 1- http://marvel.wikia.com/wiki/Giant-Size_X-Men_Vol_1_1

Amazing Fantasy Introducing Spider-Man- http://marvel.wikia.com/wiki/Amazing_Fantasy_Vol_1_15

Amazing Spider-Man Issue 1- http://marvel.wikia.com/wiki/Amazing_Spider-Man_Vol_1_1

Spidey Issue 6 Making the Grade- http://marvel.wikia.com/wiki/Spidey_Vol_1_6


I will tell you right now
folks that there will be a LOT of roles in this CC however a lot of them are
minor extras that would be covered by auditions. I was feeling inspired by the
“True Believers” comic line from Marvel (where they re-release classic comic
book stories for only a $1 each.) This may certainly seem like a lot but I can
start things one at a time with X-Men and Spider-Man when the casting is
finished and go from there. But in this CC you can potentially be in a Audio
Play of a couple of the Beginning Stories for X-Men and Spider-Man (and as an
added bonus one of the installments of the recent Spidey Comic Book series).
Anyways here are the guidelines...

* Accents are mostly optional and if you like you can send a
accent version and a non-accent version for certain characters.

* If you are cast I may ask you to reprise for the role again sometime in the

* This is more of a suggestion but I do strongly recommend that if you audition
that you should audition for at least more than one role. I admit I do try to
keep the amount of auditioners who didn't get a role at all in any way to a
minimum. So let’s just say it would help your chances.

About the Creator: pokejedservo

Greetings folks I am Pokejedservo and I have been a member of the Amatuer Voice Acting Community for over 10 years (namely ever since July 2006). I have not only been a voice actor but also a VA production producer though while most of the productions I have made are Fandubs over the years I have recently got into the wonderful world of Audioplays as well (and trying to dabble into Visual Novels). Here is the list of the tasks that I can do for a VA production.

- Voice Acting
- Production Producer
- Script Writer (especially if I wrote the story)
- Audio Editor
- Audio Mixer
- Video Dubbing
- Making Dialogue Scenes via MS Paint. (I am not a FanArtist but I can use pre-existing character & background pics to make dialogue scenes, I'll use this as an example).

I have been a voice actor and audio/visual editor and the like for over a decade and I have been a writer for over 2 decades. I admit when it comes to Voice Work I have yet to be given a proper formal training in any way but I have had plenty of experience in many fields of the voice acting process over the years. You can find more about my work at the Pokejedservo Productions site.