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I have a deep, authoritative, commanding voice as well as a laid back and smooth. It just depends on the role.

  • @squaremedia

    Has an epic voice and recorded lines fast and great communication, very professional!

  • @pontiacsilver

    I have listened to a lot of Gary Scales voice work, and I am definitely a huge fan What always stands out to me about Gary are the consistencies in his performances. Give his auditions and demos a listen and you’ll see what I mean. Better yet, just cast him if he auditions, you won’t regret it.

  • @korbinian-galloway

    Gary Scales certainly has a very intimidating presence to him - looking through his acting portfolio, you really don't wanna mess with the people he lends his voice to!
    My first contact with Gary Scales was when the both of us acted in "Darth Maul: Son of Dathomir", and I was quite blown away by how well he voiced Mace Windu and how close he sounded to Terrence Carson's portrayal in the TV Shows! I thought that I would never get such high-quality acting for my own works and I was happy to be proven wrong when he agreed to reprise his role for Jedi Council: Acts of War! The moment he said yes was actually the moment I decided that I'd actually go through with making it.
    His Audio came quickly and in really high quality, and he was really fun to work with: He both played Windu well in his own right and could follow my instructions well whenever I failed to give the proper context.
    His performance really stood out and is often one of the first things people mentoin to me when they tell me how they liked my dub, For future projects, there's no one I'd rather cast for Mace than him! He's by far the best "inofficial" Mace Windu voice actor I ever heard and he even has most of the official ones beat! If you need a powerful, deep voice, I highly recommend Gary Scales!

  • @skullface

    Gary was nothing but professional and sent his lines in fast. I didnt have a sip of coffee when he sent in his lines. His delivery, his presence, everything about his demeanor makes him a great pick for any projects youre doing. Gary is a great VA to boot.

  • @lord-krit

    Gary Scales is a wonderful voice actor, committed to the role as well as following directions precisely. He is also a joy to work with and his improv is very hilarious. With such a friendly presence, we highly recommend his services. I look forward to working with him further - LK from Team ButanE/Everest Productions