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About Looking for a voice for Tango

Project: Video game/animation/anything pretty much

Voice range: Young adult, Male voice. (Age of the character is 26-30.) Not high pitched, not too low either. Somewhat in the middle.

Extras: Very slight lisp at times, able to pronounce some Italian phrases on occasion. 

☆Please listen to the examples I provided below for a better understanding of the type of voice I am looking for!☆


Hi there! I'm Conley, and I'm looking for a very specific voice for my character, Tango! When I mean very specific, I mean I already have a voice in my head for him...but unfortunately, the voice actor is a bit difficult to get in contact with...so instead, I wanted to get a more reliable replacement. (I hope it's not rude to ask for an impression of another voice actor? I'm just looking for a similar voice to his haha. With a few tweaks here and there! Maybe I can get someone even better than the original that's more accurate! :D)

Here is the voice I'm looking to replicate (or basically just Ezra Weisz's regular speaking voice.)

Example 1https://youtu.be/_UhYYmvmaQA

Example 2https://youtu.be/24Ush-hK8Dg

Example 3 (he actually recorded these for me back in 2015, but he's too busy nowadays and can no longer reach him hence why I need a new actor.)https://www.dropbox.com/s/v2z3jgo4wn537vd/Madelyn%20Project-EZRA%20WEISZ_01.mp3?

Example 4 (start at 1:05) Fugo's english dub. (the guy in the green). https://youtu.be/cSTXBaaY-iQ

Now, here's more about the character to get a feel for him.


Tango is the deuteragonist character in the video game/story I am developing, Bravo! Encore. He is overall friendly and a people pleaser, but can be introverted and awkward. He eventually develops into a more enthusiastic character and the contagonist of the story. (temporarily at least, haha.)

context for some of the lines:

"The O" "Ode": the main conflict in the story. It's a surreal parasite/disease that inflicts strange psychological and body horror-like effects on those who it infects, mixed in with typical flu-like symptoms. 

"Encore/Bravo Encore": Encore is the cheerful main protagonist and hero of the story. He is the supposed "healer" of the O. His full name is Bravo Encore. He is voiced by Michael Kovach.

"Barnaby": Barnaby City. The city in which the story takes place.

If you need any more info, feel free to ask! 

Sample Lines

you don't have to do all of these, pick any of them you want to try! :) And of course you can say anything else to show off the voice you are able to do haha.

[neutral, solemn, formal]

"My name is Tango Bruno Da Capo. I came to Barnaby when I was 19, and I was infected by the O when I was 26..a little over a year ago."

[confident, happy tone.]

"Encore, mi fa piacere vederti! What have you been up to? I've been getting a lot better at the whole healing thing. I think I've finally found something I'm good at *chuckles*."

[Irritation, stronger over time]

"Maybe you're the problem... You think you're helping everyone, but really you just want everyone to suffer. 

I'll show you what the O can do, and maybe then you'll change your mind."


Thank you SO much for taking the time to read this. I appreciate it whole heartedly. You can e-mail the auditions to [redacted] or message me on discord at "conley#6041". And feel free to spread this around as well to anyone who you think may be interested, or has the voice I am looking for!

I thank you all in advance to whoever auditions. And to whomever I pick/hire in the end, I will pay you an initial $50 to express my gratitude. And then you can provide me your rates and services and we can go from there. :) Thanks again!

About the Creator: conley

I'm Conley! Manufactured in 1998, ISTP, she/her. 

I make characters and stories then put them into video games and animations! I'm currently working on "Bravo! Encore" and the rest of it's whacky universe. 

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold