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    About Echoes of Valentia: A Musical Production

    Howdy! I've spent the last year writing Echoes of Valentia: A Musical Production. This project will essentially be a full dub of the game, Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, but with every music track in the story being sung to with original lyrics by the corresponding characters. It will be using footage from the game, as well as original artwork created by the team's artists, while the lyrics and dialogue appear at the top/bottom of the screen. (Visual-wise, very smiliar to Man on the Internet's Undertale the Musical). This is going to be a very long-term project, lasting at least a year and a half. Each 'Act' of the game, as well as the individual songs, will be uploaded to YouTube in order, as they are completed. Now that you know what this project entails... Here are the types of roles needed!

    Video Editors: I am a fairly inexperienced video editor, and will not have nearly enough time to edit the visual aspects of this musical, when I'm already doing so for multiple other groups and projects. As such, this role is up for grabs. We'll need at least one to two people to edit lyrics, artwork, transitions, and footage from the game, all together. PM me or leave an example of your work for this in it's respective auditioning form for this role!

    Audio Mixers: While not absolutely necessary, it would be a great help and speed up production to be able to divide the audio mixing and fine-tuning between myself and anyone who achieves this role. PM me or leave an example of your work for this in it's respective auditioning form for this role!

    Artists: As mentioned previously, there is going to be much original artwork in this musical! Likely around 2 pieces for smaller songs, and at least 5 for the larger ones. To join the team of artists, PM me examples of your artwork, or do it in the corresponding auditioning form!

    Singers/Voice Actors: This is self-explanatory. Audition in the forms below for the characters you wish to try out for! Each character that's recruited as of the point in the story will make up the current chorus in the musical, (excluding the opening, which features every single recruitable character in the chorus early.) so if you audition for a recruitable character, you'll be signing plenty, regardless of how little or much they talk in the game. Audition for as many characters as you like! If your voices for multiple characters are different enough, you may even get casted to multiple roles.

    These are the RULES. Please read them carefully.

    1. Do not audition if you are not going to take this project seriously. I can't have people dropping out after being casted. It would likely put a delay on the musical's release, varying in size depending on the significance of your role. So, if you likely won't have time for such a big project, or have a high chance of dropping out, please do not audition. If you are going to be late with all of your lines, you'd need to tell me ahead of time, so I can plan accordingly. Most of the time, if an extension in due dates is needed, it will be granted. But please, don't join this project if you already don't have the time.

    2. Have a clear microphone, with little to no backgroud noise when you audition! If it's a small amount, I can edit it out if you are casted in any roles.

    3. Please, have a way I can contact you! If you are offline all the time and rarely come online, that would be a very annoying issue. Once everyone is casted into their roles, I will be giving out a link to the team for the Musical's Discord server. If you can join there, you can submit lines, artwork, and generally interact with the other members and make friends. However, if you are NOT able to join the Discord, then you must have some other reliable way I can contact you for your contributions to the project.

    If you do not the meet the criteria in the rules, please either do not join this project, or talk to me about it if you think there might be an exception.

    With all that said, I'm looking forward to creating this project and working with all of you! Good luck!

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold