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About Eastmouth (Small Town Mystery/Adventure/Horror) - (Closed, but backlog auditions are acceptable)

The auditions for season 1 are technically closed right now. You're still free to audition for the role of townsperson / town council member. If I'm blown away by one of the remaining auditions, I'd be happy to bring on another 2/3 people. However, for all intents and purposes, the auditions for season 1 are closed.


Pirate radio for a coastal town that is bathed in mystery. Shh, don't talk to the town council.

Looking for voice actors to take part in a mystery adventure podcast with potentially a long-running story. Unfortunately, I cannot pay you at this time, though the possibility remains open later down the line. It initially focuses on an eerie, coastal town in Maine during the 1960’s whose population inadvertently sets off a chain of events that dismantles the dimensional and universal veil of order. Think King Falls AM, but with a more serious long running narrative that includes strong elements of horror, investigation, and adventure.

If you want to take part, either leave your submission here or personally message me on Reddit (dctullis). You'll be allowed to deviate from the script a little bit to help make it your own, but not drastically enough that it makes the exchange awkward between other characters. I’m willing to accept anyone as long as they have an okay microphone and can deliver a performance that feels like the character. If you have any questions please message me or leave a response here.



Mystery, Action, Adventure, Horror, Scifi


1. Please keep in mind that this will be a long term project

2. You must have little to no background noise

3. You must be active and respond in a timely manner.

4. Make sure to read the character descriptions in order to get an accurate representation of the role.

5. This project will take place in a radio station for much of season one and two, however I intend to bend it around various audio recording mediums, and even include real time events outside of the station.

6. If you need or want any more information on a character please feel free to contact me either through CCC or Reddit (dctullis)


(Random Townsfolk/ Town Council Members):

If you have a decent microphone and are interested in participating, but are either not selected or not confident enough to audition for a primary character - audition here. Several of you will have the chance to star in major roles in the second half of the first season or during the second season.

About the Creator: eastmouth

Creator/JOAT for the Eastmouth Podcast. Author of The Veil Series. Currently being held hostage in an arctic military base. Send help... and curry buns.

On a more serious note, I'm a college student who's been actively writing for over six years, and editing audio and video for over a decade. Eastmouth was the first world of my own creation that I fell truly, helplessly in love with, and I've been thinking of ways to really give it life for years. I grew up on all forms of mystery, fantasy, and horror media from audio books to film, but one audio drama sticks out to me in particular - Adventures in Odyssey. It's about a small Midwestern town with all sorts of Christian hi-jinks. It sounds silly or rather generic, but what actually pulled me into that universe were the episodes of horror and adventure, not to mention the immaculate care put into the world and characters. Unfortunately, there weren't many of those sorts of episodes, but even still I used to stay up at night listening for hours, entirely encapsulated in this world of audio. 

After the idea of the podcast came to me, it felt as if my vision was finally realized. I want to take people through the journey that I can only see the entirety of in my own mind. I'm not asking for much, just for the possibility that there are others out there too who will fall in love with this world and want to see it realized.

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold