Howdy, y'all! 

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About DeBug

I enjoy exploring new things and Voice Acting is absolutely fascinating. Working with the audio gear and editing software scratches my nerdy itch. Voice Acting is exciting. I would be happy to work with you on your projects. 

You can find me on Discord: debug9999


Small non-profit projects are sometimes free. For larger projects or long-term roles, we can work out a fair price. 

What DeBug is looking for

I love to audition for projects where I use various styles of my natural voice. I enjoy projects that are deep into storytelling and entertainment. I’m especially attracted to flawed characters, bombastic villains, and well-written dialogue. 

  • @gibrock

    This dude is my favourite! always willing to repeat a line, can really give a scene the drama that it needs when it comes to the demand.

    I'm holding on to debug for many more projects for as long as I am graced with his willingness to continue!

    He gave a fantastic narrative and dialogue VO for my youtube series.

  • @pomproduk

    Doug was a pleasure to work with and provided a great voice for our IT inspired project. His work was fast, well delivered and he was a joy to work with.

    We hope to work with Doug again soon.

  • @horror-shop-radio

    I cast Doug in the latest episode of my anthology podcast. The role called for some improvisational lines and he really put in a great effort. Funny and entertaining with an excellent voice! I would love the chance to work with Doug again in the future and would recommend anyone else doing so if you have the opportunity!

  • @jimmy-dean-vo

    Doug recently delivered a fantastic performance in my lstest episode of a video series I'm working on. He was kind, courteous and the audio quality and delivery of his lines were second to none! Thanks so much Doug and looking forward to working with you again!

  • @questathana

    Did a great job

  • @benotafraid

    Doug has one of those voices you can listen to all day, but he's also a great guy to work with. He claims he's new in the voice acting game, but don't let that fool you. Doug will go above and beyond to bring your vision to life, and he'll do it with incredibly animated and engaging acting.
    He played the main character in our latest episode "Flood" and gave us the most sympathetic Noah we could have wished for in this adaption. Despite us editing the audio and hearing it again and again, there were always parts of his that made us chuckle.
    We look forward to seeing more of him in our project, and what he gets up to next.

  • @dryant-feywright

    Debug has been amazing in the pilot of Veraldarok's pilot episode! His portrayal was perfect and gave the coldness I imagined Doctor Welch having. I recommend this actor for any voice acting roles or narration roles. Will be looking forward to work with Debug again sometime!

  • @jacktropolis

    I first received work from DeBug after he auditioned for, and was successfully cast as, the role of Lewis Armistead in GETTYSBURG: A Civil War Battle Documentary, a history-related project that is still under development. What else can I say apart from WOW? DeBug submitted an amazing audition reel for the role of Armistead, having taken the short summary snippet for said role into full account while dubbing over the necessary lines/quotations! He certainly is a talented voice actor when it comes to providing the PERFECT dub! On top of this, DeBug was a pleasure to communicate with in coordinating his role in being cast and in development, where he showed a willingness to support the production of the project. All in all, DeBug was an excellent addition to the GETTYSBURG cast and crew! If you're looking for a talented voice actor and an active and supportive team member, DeBug is your guy!

  • @cashlinsnow

    Doug voiced in a project for me some time ago. His attitude and professionalism was much appreciated! VERY prompt with deadlines! No issues whatsoever! Just a complete pleasure and I look forward to directing him again in the future!

  • @madanchor8

    DeBug helped me bring to life a character of a man, father in a post-apocalyptic world in Tomb Raider: War of the Worlds. I absolutely love it and players can tell the same! My absolute recommendation, interesting voice with good communications skills! Great quality, and nice varied versions of lines. Thank you once again!

  • @akarion

    After voice acting three entire roles, I can assuredly say Debug delivers high-quality voice acting and has an impactful, unique voice. Would recommend.

  • @voicesofwynn

    DeBug voiced a severed head that was somehow still alive for one of our secret discoveries and the voice he gave him was perfect!

  • @noobzor99

    Quick turnaround time, good communication, good audio quality.  What more can you want?

  • @ghostbabble

    DeBug is a very professional, very kind, and a very valuable asset to any project. His contribution to your project will not go unnoticed. His range and overall vocal talent has no limits. Even with a tight and almost impossible schedule, DeBug pulls through and ensures to deliver a quality performance at every turn. An absolute pleasure!

  • @kit-the-developer

    An absolutely amazing voice actor. Delivers on time, and is easy to work with. He's a pretty important role in my project, so when it's completed, feel free to check it out and see for yourself!