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About Kanadia413

Hi I’m Nadi I mainly do voice acting and singing. My best assets are my versatility not only in voices, as I can do a wide variety of female voices like a bitchy teen, a young wide eyed girl, British and cockney accents, edgy mcedgerson, and gay Voldemort. 

I also have a rather larger vocal range as I can pretty comfortably sing anywhere between a B2 and D6 along with whistle tone notes from C6-C7. I can play male roles as well given my range and knack for changing my tone and intonation to better mimic a male voice. I can do a mildly deep male voice and a more neutral leaning male voice. This extends to singing as well. 
I’m kanadia413 basically on all media platforms but if you want to listen to covers i suggest looking up my YouTube or smule profile.

Also I drew my profile picture so that's a bit of a sample of my art.

Current Projects: 
Lore Olympus Motion Dub: Psyche audition
The Ingenue Show(Where Your Villains Get Interviewed!): Velvette (Femme Fatale) audition
Eastmouth Podcast (Victoria Deering) Episode 5

  • @thatoddcandy

    Working with Kanadia is always a good experience. She is very personable, sweet and very funny. Her voice is extremely versatile, yet always an underlying softness that is always pleasant to listen to. She would make a great addition to any cast

  • @eastmouth

    Kanadia can truly take a role and make it her own with more than enough charm to spare. She plays Victoria Deering on my show Eastmouth, and the tomboy-ish spirit that she injected in the character cannot be understated.

    It's been a great experience working Kanadia. She always delivers her lines in a timely fashion and is willing to make changes if needed. With her wide range of voices, and the natural charm she brings to the characters, you'd be missing a great opportunity by passing her by.