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Ranger H Fox

Voice Acting on the Last Frontier

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About Ranger H Fox

Howdy! I'm a hobby pixel artist, and I think it's safe to say that with over 5 years of voice acting and hundreds of ad reads under my belt that at this point I'm a professional voice actor. You can hear me in a number of games and trailers, tons of e-learning programs, and in ads on spotify, youtube, local radio and tv!

I mostly lean into low bass tones, and get gravelly, like a knight or a general or really any fantasy guy. I find I have the most fun jumping out of that comfort zone though. I mostly get booked for a young adult voice for commercial work, conversational, believable and professional... if needed.

Feel free to contact me for any inquiries! And check out my website for some recordings, and for more art! 

You can reach me on my twitter, or on Discord! (rangerhfox#2832)

  • @jarjarbinks

    Ranger is not only a fantastic actor to work with, but he is an amazing person through and through!
    Absolute PERFECTION! 10/10-- no... 9999999999999/10!

  • @deleted207269

    Ranger is professional, easy to work with and his performance as Vigilant Grunk was great. Recommended.

  • @eastmouth

    Ranger is a great voice actor and a friendly guy. He plays Aldo Cosgrove on my show Eastmouth and he's able to perfectly blend insecurity and manipulation with sincerity and charm. Now that he plays the character, I can't imagine anyone else doing the role to such justice.

    Ranger always delivers his lines on time and he replies expediently when needed. He's also just a friendly guy. If you have a chance to pick him up for your audio drama, definitely give him a shot.