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    About Danganronpa/Zero + Secret File (The Fangame) Recast

    A recast of the Danganronpa/Zero fangame is now in session! The deadline will always be changed until we have 100% of the characters. Check it out here:


    Please only try to cast if you have a good microphone, or have access to a good microphone, as we want the audio quality to be on par with a main game title.

    Most characters will be recast, but some will remain the same. However if you want to try a character who may remain the same anyway, go ahead we are always up for anything.

    Danganronpa/Zero Plot:

    The story revolves around an amnesiac girl named Ryoko Otonashi who is a student in Hope's Peak Academy, and the sharp-tongued Ultimate Neurologist Yasuke Matsuda, with whom she is infatuated with.

    Due to her constant loss of short and long-term memories, Ryoko has very little interest in the world around her except for Yasuke, who gives her regular treatment. Yasuke, on the other hand, appears very stressed by her and the school's situation.

    Take control of  Ryoko and uncover the truth behind The Tragedy of Hope's Peak Academy, and the aftermath of what the Ultimate Despair has done.

    Danganronpa Secret File Plot:

    Today will be Makoto Naegi's Worst Day Ever. This short story details the day that Makoto gets enrolled at Hope's Peak Academy as the Ultimate Lucky Student. However it is not a story of good luck, but of terrible, horrible bad luck.

    About the Creator: gamesurgery

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