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    About Danganronpa re:START

    Please feel free to join our discord server, whether auditioning or not!

    Hello! Welcome to Danganronpa re:START!! This project will be either a video series or fangame based closely to the series Danganronpa. Thank you for your interest in us. Please, please feel free to audition for as many or as few roles as you like, in any field you like. All are welcome, but we will be a little strict (yet reasonable) with choosing roles. We will not have a deadline (ignore the one listed); we will take this project slow and steady to make everything as perfect and as close to the vision as possible. Be ready to be patient, but we will all keep in touch on the discord and be a big happy annihilation family until things really start rolling! Let's get going, shall we?

    We are looking for:

    Voice actors willing to dedicate time and be perseverant in submitting lines once the project starts up. Consistency, range, and overall confidence will all be looked over, but the three running this mess will also be trying out, so we’ll be hard on ourselves, too!

    Artists: CG, Sprite, Background, Execution, Pixel, Splash, Frame, and Animator. We need all of these roles desperately, don’t let the profile pictures deceive you. We seriously need help on this stuff. PLEASE try out. We need artists who will be timely in submission, consistent in quality, and... you know... good at art. Also, be prepared and willing to communicate with the other artists that try out. Thank you so much!!

    Composers. DRr:S is planned to have a completely original sound track, and we really need help in this aspect, too. Music makers, come make that music that you make so musically!

    Programmers OR an animator. Please. Please. The owner of this whole thing can at best program a bad visual novel, which is basically what this will turn out to be if we don’t get some help here, because she can’t animate the looks of a game at all either. You can use whatever program you want as long as you check up with us on how it’ll look and such, but I’m sure you’ll be great. Sprites, backgrounds, and all that jazz should be prepared for you when you do start, but you still need the skills to do the rest. Thank you!!

    EVERYONE: PLEASE try out, even if you’re on the edge. We’re very friendly, and all we want is for this fun project to be just that; fun! Enjoy yourself, and come join us on Discord if you can! Take your time, and we love you all! Now, let’s actually get to the plot...! <3

    Kazuto Otonari was just a teenage boy with a stunning Ultimate talent looking to enter Hope's Peak Academy, as many before him had. All was hopeful, a new beginning; a new life awaited him as soon as he stepped through those doors. Although... maybe not quite the new life he'd expected. In no time at all, he finds himself whisked into a crazy killing game filled with blood, insanity, taken lives, ruined friendships, and a crushing fear encompassing it all. And to top it off, he’s gained a mysterious barcode on his wrist, with a scar over it and something clearly underneath his skin. What happened to him? Who will survive out of the sixteen students that entered those doors? Whose hopeful beginning will be turned into a bloody, despairful ending? Is there something more behind the haunting smile of their stuffed principal, Kantokuinu? Find out by joining us at Hope's Peak Academy in Danganronpa re:START!

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold