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Dangan Young's Previously Completed Works

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About Danganronpa 3 Future Side: Remade (Fan)

A question for everyone who has watched Danganronpa 3 Future Side...

Did you feel that it lived up to your expectations?
Did you wish that it was the same type of killing game as previously?
Did you want it to not be over in thirteen short episodes?

Wish no longer! This project is dedicated to making Danganronpa 3 everything that it wasn't. It has all the same characters (Except Hagakure, because no one likes him. Oh yeah, and add Monaca.), but a completely different order of death! Not only that, but this will be in a similar format to every other Danganronpa games, with the murders, investigations, and of course the deadly class trials.

We are still thinking exactly what format we want to use, but it will be simplistic. Right now, we are thinking that we want to have a simple background, a sprite of the character that is talking, with subtitles below it. This will likely be uploaded to YouTube.

Before we continue, we need to make clear that all of the characters are owned by Spike Chunsoft, as is the general idea. Now, this will contain all of the same characters that participated in the killing game in Danganronpa 3 Future Side. However, we replaced Hagakure with Monaca, in order to more balance out the gender ratio.

The supposed ending for this casting call is set to mid to late October, though this could change depending on how many auditions we get. It will definitely not be sooner, but it could be later. As for when this project is finished, my guess would be around a year, so this is a fairly large commitment.

We will not be playing any favorites, so everyone has an equal opportunity to be cast, as long as you fit our requirements. As for self casting, I will be auditioning along with everyone else. The only character that is taken right now, is Kyoko Kirigiri, the Ultimate Detective. This was given to our wonderful scriptwriter, and this is not up for negotiations.

What we expect of you
1. You do not have to exactly fit the voices that were depicted in the original anime or game, we cast who we think is the best fit.
2. Have at least an okay mic. I would say that you should at least have a Blue Snowball, but if there's minimal background noise, and it's pretty good quality, then that's all we need.
3. Have a discord. It's how we will communicate.
4. Have fun! Put yourself out there! Even if you don't think you have a great chance, you'll never know until you try!

We can't wait to hear your wonderful auditions!

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold