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About NKS: A Fandubbing Group for Danganronpa, Your Turn to Die, and more!

Hello, I'm Kae from the youtube channel known as nakaeshima! The subsection of my channel that focuses on dubbing fanmade/anthology comics is a group known as DanganDubs or D2 . I have decided to expand this group to include characters and comics from franchises other than Danganronpa. This group will be differentiated using the name 'Nakaestudios' (logo still a wip). Everyone involved will be properly credited for any & all work they put into the group.

While there are roles for specific characters, this casting call also provides the unique opportunity for you to become a voice actor for our group without having to be cast for a role. This means you will receive access to certain channels in the server so that you will be able to audition for any 'extra' role we may need. So, take the "OMG Ellen..." video, for example. Our lovely Touko (applezaira) voiced Ellen for that comic because she submitted lines for Ellen in the collaboration channel & they were accepted (that laugh was so on point dude??)! Please note that since there may be multiple people attempting to go for each role, you are not guaranteed the role just by auditioning. Of course, it will help your chances if your audio is edited/turned in on time, but that does not guarantee the role to you either. This should include major and minor roles; for example, I know there are some Persona comics I would like to dub. I would have Voice Actors audition for those roles, which would include major characters such as Yusuke, Ann, etc.

Those who are cast as specific roles become collaborators automatically, but priority in 'casting' goes to collaborators who do not have their own specific 'role'.

There will also be 'vocalist' roles. These will most likely be for videos I create myself, such as song parodies (check 'Despaircito' for an example) or character covers. You cannot automatically join the 'vocalists' team' if you are cast as a VA for a role or as a VA in general. The only way to gain access is to audition through here. I recommend selecting small samples from songs of different genres to include in these auditions. If there's a certain style you're confident in, by all means, include it! And again, merely auditioning does not mean you are guaranteed the role in this case, either. 

I'm looking for realism, expression, and range in these auditions (+an acceptable level of mic quality). I am not looking for imitations of the 'official' English VA's when it comes to danganronpa characters. Make sure you're able to follow and keep deadlines. You are of course free/encouraged to share your ideas and opinions with the rest of the group. Everyone has the ability to pitch comics they'd like to voice/produce, as well. I can't find all of them by myself, after all!

In the case of 'Your Turn to Die', I am planning for the group to dub the official manga as well as fanmade comics. There are major and minor spoilers included in the characters' lines/descriptions.

If you are cast, there will be resources provided such as pronunciation guides & anthology comics, with and without color-coded lines.

Expectations for Voice Actors

  • You must include at least 2-3 takes of each line (different inflections give editors more room to work with)
  • You must be able to pronounce names & Japanese nouns correctly (Please do your research! I know there are different pronunciations for certain names, but you can look up how the Japanese VA's pronounce them on youtube. If you need help finding a specific name, message me, and I'll help you find something to practice with).
  • You must turn your appropriately named audio in to the correct channel, on or before the specified due date.
    • Typically, fanmade comics have a two-week deadline, and anthology comics have a three-week deadline.
    • If you are in need of an extension for whatever reason, you must privately message Kae (me) before the due date (except in cases of emergency, of course).

Expectations for All Members (Cast & Crew)

  • Although my channel is monetized, none of these videos can be. These are not my comics, not my characters, not my music, etc. etc. That is why I will not be able to offer financial compensation even for roles such as artists or video editors. For editors, I'm hoping the community will jump in to help out (at least a little, audio AND video-wise), because the more people we have, the easier it will be to post consistently, & anthology videos will likely be completed at a much faster pace.  For artists/animators, this is pretty much entirely an 'if you wanna collaborate with us, we'd love to work with you!!' kind of thing.
  • You may have to sign confidentiality waivers for specific videos such as song parodies (to ensure the lyrics cannot be stolen). I doubt this would be necessary for any comic, unless perhaps it is a comic an artist has drawn specifically with the intent for our group to dub it.
  • In general, just keep an eye out for comics we may be able to dub. I'm having a difficult time in finding fanmade sdr2 comics in particular, Also keep in mind we will need to obtain the artist's permission. If we do not, for whatever reason it may be, we will not be able to dub the comic.
  • And finally, you must follow the rules of the server itself, of course (trust me, you won't miss them when you join). Most of the rules can be summed up with: If you are unable to follow the golden rule, you will be removed from the server and/or the project itself. Treat others how you want to be treated. I want this to be a positive environment above all else.
  • And of course, if you are racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, a 'truscum', a TERF, a "MAP", a white supremacist, or you support any of these "mindsets", you are not welcome here. I don't mean this in a 'you cannot have any bias or have made any mistakes in your life whatsoever' way; I understand that society deliberately warps the way minorities are perceived. What I do mean is you cannot purposefully resort to behaving in accordance with these mindsets. And rest assured, if anyone feels the need to address anyone's behavior, you are more than welcome to ask a mod to step in for you (in the event where we don't catch on to the problem or simply miss the message(s) altogether).

Anyone is free to join the channel's discord server, but those cast/accepted will be required to join.

Thank you for your interest in this project, and break a leg!

About the Creator: kaedeakamatsu

I am an aspiring voice talent, and I go by Kaede or Kae Nakashima! I have mainly focused on danganronpa/anime projects so far, but I would love to delve into other material! Overall, I am hardworking and I'll do my best for any roles I earn.

I am on youtube as Nakaeshima!

As far as experience goes, here's what I have under my belt:
  • 4 years of voice lessons
  • 1 year of acting lessons
  • 3 years of involvement in local A Capella group
  • 10 years of choral involvement
  • Member, Secretary, and Music Director of BGSU's GAME (Game and Anime Music Ensemble)
  • Multiple musical theatre shows, including lead roles such as "Sally" in You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown, "Marty" in Grease, "Ruth" in Pirates of Penzance, and "Millie" in Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.

I was also awarded two local Awards of Merit for Supporting/Lead Actress (2014, 2015)!

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold