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About WhatcanIuseasausername

Yo! Welcome to my profile. Idk why you're here but hopefully, it means you think I'm at least decent at being a VA!

 Nevermind that, I am WhatcanIuseasausername, long, I know, but I also go by K, Clyde or Blehhh. I am a youngin so yeah, no weird shit here. I'm an aspiring Va, writer, and artist (Tho mostly VA shit). I also sing, sometimes, so I'm willing to do that. 

I don't have to much experience in this type of stuff, but I've been acting for almost 5 years now and been singing (taking lessons) for 4 years. I try every single day to get better at what I do, whether it'd be art, or VAing or Writing, I'm always trying to get better!

Also, I'm in no way a professional at anything so, if you want someone who is pretty laid back about a lot of stuff but gets their lines in on time, I'm your guy/person.

I know I may sound like a girl but please, refrain from using she/her pronouns, I don't like that I had to add this but what can ya do? They/them or he/him, please. 

PS. No NSFW or heavily sexual things. And I need to get better at screaming... Like how tf do people scream on command-

Anyway, hope this was enough info for you!

Discord: Blehhh #5878
Email: Dm me, please!

  • @galexicat

    So as a person who has worked with K I have to say they have never failed to impress me. Out of the large pool of voice actors on this site it's hard to find some who are truely reliable, and luckily K is a VA you can count on.

  • @deleted309537

    OOK. Blehhh has been casted in most of the projects that I'm in, and the aces all of them like Mondo butter. He has an amazing emotional variety and is one of the nicest people you'll meet in the fangan community! 100% recommend him hire now :0

  • @princessemmaz

    K is one of the most energetic voice actors and will do anything to help his friends in any project he is in and his voice may sound feminine but he doesn’t let it stand in his way when he is recording he is extremely confident and always tries his best for whoever the director is and I can guarantee you will not be disappointed if you cast him in your project

  • @saviohno

    As someone who has worked with K on several projects, I am more than happy to recommend K to all casting directors. He brings a lot more to the table than superb voice acting; he is incredibly committed to all of his projects and his dedication is something I admire a lot. His fun personality and sense of humor makes him an absolute joy to work with and there's never a dull moment with K. If you're lucky enough to have him in your project, you should definitely consider buying the lottery! (If you don't win please don't sue me)

  • @andy-liang

    I have been fortunate enough o work with K on several different projects, and his talent and worth ethic speaks for itself. K is a talented voice actor and a friendly soul who is a pleasure to work with and is always reliable.