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Hello! itsthepinoyboy here and welcome to my CCC account! I'm an aspiring VA looking to be in fun projects as well as meet fun and cool people! I've been interested in voice acting for a while and in September of 2019, I finally decided to give it a shot. It's been such a blast so far and I'm looking forward to seeing what the future holds! 

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  • @teatimeaudio

    Pin is truly such a joy to talk to and voice alongside! His work is truly wonderful and he always gives his all! He has amazing control over his voice and is able to do so many different voices! He’s definitely someone you’ll wanna cast!! <3

  • @wordsoffate

    Pin is always absolutely amazing to work with. He's extremely talented and always gets his lines in on time. Not only is he a great voice actor and director, but also a genuinely kind person. If you're looking for a talented and reliable voice actor, definitely cast Pin!

  • @blue-oniji

    You like one of the other VA's for the project blew me away by being able to perform 2 characters without sound the same. thank you for filling in those 2 parts and i hope to work with you again

  • @tomatova

    Where do I even start. Pin is very unique and in both his work as a voice actor and as a friend! He's always super friendly among his peers and he always brings his all when it comes to voice acting. He delivers everything into his work: energy, emotion, quality, you name it!
    When it comes to his own projects he is nothing short of passionate, dedicated director and always gets the work done! Working with him has always been a huge pleasure and I can always rely on him whenever I needed voice actors for my own work too. You will not regret having Pin in your own project and I can guarantee this by a 100%.
    Very fun to work with, definitely keep him in mind for any roles that requires pure emotion and chaotic good energy!

  • @dcooper

    Your Talent was unbelieve to provide 3 different voices for 3 different characters. I was very impress not only he was a kind person. but if you looking for help for your projects ask him. Itsthepinoyboy I hope soon that when you become a major voice actor that a lot people would get to know you for your great talent. You have my support as well.

  • @hi-im-stel

    Very easy to work with, and very quick to provide quality work for our project! I would absolutely recommend Pin, as his versatility and willingness to take on some pretty difficult material is certainly nothing to sneeze at.

  • @katiegrigry

    I have loved working on projects with and under Pin! He's an incredible actor and director and I have loved seeing his projects come to life. Anyone that has Pin on their team is lucky, and I'm fortunate I've been able to work with him.

  • @powerfulsl

    Pin was a great person to work with and he did a great job as the voice of Kazuichi Souda from Danganronpa. He is clearly talented at what he does and if you get the opportunity to work with him you definitely won't regret it!

  • @cgz

    Alright, this man Pin is a very skilled and ambitious voice actor for sure! He's very chill to get a long with and gets the job done really quick too. My experiences with him in past and new projects have been great. He gets a long with just about everyone in said VA/VO project. Do you need help in one of your projects? This is your guy! Can't wait till you make it big bro!

  • @izzywizz14

    Now...where to start! First and for most, there are so many great things to say about Pin.

    He is such a driven, focused and hard working individual that I have had the pleasure to come across. He always brings forth his very best and delivers very HIGH QUALITY content. Whilst also actively gives positive and valuable feedback, showcasing his experience and knowledge to others struggling.

    It was an absolute honour and a wonderful experience to be apart of his projects! He has been a delightful individual, with such a friendly and encouraging aura that is always there for you! I can't wait to work with him again! PLUS also see the amazing things he produces in the near future! ∩(・ω・)∩

  • @sn0w_le0pard

    I've been in multiple projects with him. He's a cool, funny talented and hardworking guy. His voicework is top notch, he puts his all in his work and and always hands in his work before the deadline. Highly recommended!

  • @dcooper

    I love working with Jerron. He really goes out when it comes to voicing his characters. I'm grateful in having him voice Brandon in the winx club fan dub. He's kind, polite, and able to deliver his lines on time. Pretty much an awesome dude once you get to know him.

  • @_thenerdyginger_

    I have had the honor of working alongside Pin on multiple projects now, and I must say, he is as talented as they come. With a knack for voice acting, his vocal range as well as his acting range goes unmatched. He is a fantastic team player and always goes above and beyond. His lines are always on time, if not early, and is truly dedicated to his craft. I look forward to seeing how far he will go. I cannot recommend Pin highly enough. His involvement in any project is invaluable.

  • @cap_va

    As you can see from the previous recommendations, itsthepinoyboy is one of the best voice actors on CCC right now! What he brings to the table is far above the average talent. Pinoy brings the desire to get right direction to ensure that the production meets the expectation! I cannot think of any voice actor who also has his fast turnaround! I've yet to meet another voice actor that his level of work ethic! Pinoy is truly a great person and someone for other aspiring VA's to look up to!

  • @sylleblossom

    Honestly, what's he doing here? He should be with the pros already dubbing anime and games! He is a joy to work with. No awkward air, very friendly but also very professional. I always find myself amazed while listening to his lines. You'll never ever regret working with him!

  • @jackiejorgenson

    Jerron was a fantastic addition to the second season of my audio drama, Tales From The Aether. His performance was natural, but he also brought a sense of curiosity and empathy that served this role well.

    Jerron was a joy to work with!

  • @abitat

    Just adding yet another recommendation to the list for this talented bean of a guy~ Pinoy is one talented VA, with amazing intonation, emotional punch, improvisation and characterisation. He can flawlessly bring the characters to life and bring them into his own, stepping into their shoes and demonstrating true passion to succeed. He is responsive and welcoming of feedback, fun and friendly - an asset to have to any cast. It was little surprise and to our greatest delight to cast him in our project for the role of Dex, one of the supporting party members and one lovable dork. You won't be disappointed if you cast him into your project - if you don't believe me, check out the other 16 recs! XD

  • @cruelhouse

    Does it even have to be said anymore!? Jerron is just great, and that's that. He has a wonderful, robust voice that brought a new dimension to our character. And if we ever work together again, I promise - next time we'll cast him as less of a dork.

  • @lilashines

    He takes direction very well! Not only is he super fun to work with but he brings a lot of energy to his roles and I literally don't understand why an agent hasn't scooped him up yet and made him a pro. PinPin is a 20/10

  • @thomaspratervo

    I have known @itsthepinoyboy since 2020 back when we worked on some comicdub projects together. MAN! This guy-right here-is the hardest working voice actor I've ever had the pleasure of calling friend. If you're looking for a great voice actor who also makes the whole process enjoyable, then you better not skip over this guy!